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5 Keys To A Successful Spokesperson

Public speaking requires preparation: Captivating the audience and placing key messages requires skill and confidence from the spokesperson. Joy, fear, surprise, contempt or sadness is what the facial expression communicates: Being aware of this and having control is key to achieving a successful spokesperson Klaxoon will help you to give a unique way.

Keys For An Adequate Spokesperson:

Get Prepared

The purpose of the message or messages that you want to communicate must be very clear, for this it is necessary to adapt the messages to the objective that you want to achieve. It is key to choose the spokesperson very well, we must be sure that he is the right person to deliver the message. Likewise, the type of language to be used and the channel through which the message will be made known must be selected. You must remember to prepare your speech with the basic cycle of beginning, middle, and closing.

  • Start: At the start, be empathetic and connect with the audience, explain what you are going to talk about and what you intend to achieve (key message) be pleasant, careful and respectful
  • Development: Prepare your topic very well, let yourself be carried away by your knowledge and inspiration, permanently refer to your key messages, respect time
  • Closing: Always have a closing planned, clearly state the action you want to accomplish, excite and inspire the audience to help you achieve your goals


You need to know how to listen to others. You cannot be closed to the opinions of others, it is important to respect and value them. You must be willing to listen, directing and channeling the other person’s concerns, but making sure that your perspective on the subject always comes first.

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Communicate The Message Effectively

Be clear in your way of expressing yourself, using an appropriate tone of voice, modulating words correctly, maintaining a brisk pace during the speech, pause after key messages to emphasize the idea. Explain the context of the topic you are going to share, state the points to be discussed to ensure the audience’s understanding, give examples, use audiovisual support. It is necessary to be specific in all the details of the topic that you intend to present. Be rational during the transmission of the message, but do not forget that the emotion can better impact the audience. And lastly, leave open the possibility for dialogue and allow the participation of the counterpart.

Be Persuasive And Motivating

It is key to a successful spokesperson, to know the audience to whom you are going to speak, and to build the speech based on what they need to hear: logical arguments, facts and hard data, examples and personal experiences of your own or of others. To motivate use the motivational sequence for the achievement of objectives that consists of 5 steps:

  1. Catch the attention of the audience and make them interested in knowing more.
  2. State the need and make the audience think something has to be done.
  3. Propose the solution or formula of satisfaction and that the audience thinks it is necessary to do this.
  4. Being able to look into the future with the solution applied and for the audience to visualize themselves with the solution.
  5. Make a call to action, so that the audience decides to carry out the solution.

Ensure the Participation Of Your Audience

Respect the participation of each of the people who do it, participating, asking and giving opinions is not bad. Give him his time to express himself and worry about knowing the valuable experience he wants. Be open to feedback, never assume the other person always agrees with you, have a sense of timing, give immediate feedback.

To achieve a successful spokesperson, you must be prepared and aligned with the objectives and image of the brand. The collaborator is your best spokesperson: Invest in bringing them closer, sharing information and training them. If we want the company’s workers to be its spokespersons, we must encourage good internal communication. A worker will be an allied spokesperson if he has information and communication tools.

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