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5 Limitations Of Traditional VPN Solutions (And What Alternative To Choose?)

Relying on traditional VPN solutions to protect your enterprise network is no more stable and reliable.

Even though VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a common and a predominant use case for organizations to allow users access to applications and services, it comes with several threats and risks with the evolving mobility and digital landscape.

This article will navigate you through some common network security issues and vulnerabilities due to VPNs and what VPN alternatives you can use to secure your company’s network security against malware attacks and other online threats.

Limitations of traditional VPN solutions for businesses

Here are the drawbacks of using an unreliable VPN for your business network:

1. Increased attack surface

VPN access enables remote access to the entire corporate network, even though the user may require access to a small subset of the network or application.

This open access to the entire corporate network architecture increases the online threat surface and the chances of network attacks- making it critical to opt for alternatives to VPN for remote access.

2. Management complexity

You need to install an agent on end-user devices with VPNs. These end-user devices may use varying operating systems like- Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, or something else.

This makes traditional VPN setup extremely complex with time-consuming management and administration.

3. Traffic back-hauling

For certain applications like SaaS, using VPN at the data center could mean back-hauling all the end-user traffic to a data center- majorly affecting end-user performance and experience.

4. Lack of context

VPN networks do not enforce contextual policies or account for any change in the context, such as device or user.

If a device gets stolen and gets under the hands of malicious entities, it poses great risks. However, alternatives to VPN technology like the Zero Trust model avoid this situation.

5. One-time check

Traditional VPN solutions only validate user authentication at the time of login. This allows hackers with stolen credentials to access the network and its applications. No further check or monitoring is present to ensure the user’s identity throughout the session.

What is a reliable alternate solution for VPN?

One of the most secure VPN alternatives for business is Instasafe Secure Access.

Instasafe Secure Access manages multiple applications and networks at a single phase, showing them in a single UI to the user- eliminating the need to switch between the network.

Here are further benefits of Instasafe Secure Access. (ISA) over traditional VPNs:

2-step, easy client app installation

ISA Client Application is highly compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS- being extremely convenient and lightweight. In addition, it allows corporate users to access their applications with a single click securely.

Remote workforce security

Instasafe Secure Access ensures 256 end-to-end data encryption of all the data in transit between the employees and networks with the remote work environment.

Scale and deploy as you go

It offers the ability to deploy private servers on-demand with easy scalability across multiple environments seamlessly- assuring better security with business continuity and expansion plans.


With the unreliability and potential threats that come with traditional VPNs, it is important to choose a suitable VPN alternative to protect your corporate business network against online security threats.

Instasafe Secure Access is a secure Instasafe product, a reliable VPN alternative that offers seamless user experience, easy scalability, and robust security at a cost-efficient price. Thus, protect your confidential business information and opt for a secure VPN alternative for your business.

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