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5 Tips For Writing Articles That Engage Your Audience

Do you write many articles, but despite their sharing on your social networks, the engagement of your readers as your traffic does not take off? Often, this is the most significant difficulty bloggers, and businesses face when it comes to inbound marketing (or content marketing strategy).

There are many methods and tools to remedy this lack of commitment (no spoil, Asking Franklin is one of them.)! So without further ado, let’s tackle the topic you want?

How to write articles that engage your audience?

1. Know your audience to write engaging articles

One of the first things to determine to write more engaging articles: your audience. First and foremost, you need to know who she is, what characterizes her and where you can find her.

It’s effortless; how do you know what topics to write about if you don’t know who you are talking to? To find out, several solutions are available to you. One of the best is undoubtedly social listening, observing the speeches on the web, and social networks on your topics. Who expresses themselves the most on these subjects?

Sort voices is an effective social listening tool in this regard!

Also, take advantage of your competitors’ communities! Sounds logical, yes, but you probably never thought of it. Am I wrong?

You and your competitors share the same industry (well done, Sherlock). Consequently, the customers and the community of the latter are very likely to be interested in your products, your services or your content.

Perform an analysis of these communities. What are the recurring profiles? Which age groups and PUC stand out the most among them? This analysis could shed light on the grey areas of your audience and surprise you; who knows?

Finally, link your website to Google Analytics to analyze your traffic data and better understand your audience. This will allow you to have access to specific demographic data and your most viewed articles if you have already published a few.

Anyway, a watchword to define its guiding principle: know your audience! In this way, you will be able to start creating your personas so that you never lose sight of your target and its characteristics.

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2. Know what people are looking for to engage your audience

Once you have determined your audience and, therefore, who you are writing to, you will have to go further in your analysis. As I said, understanding its characteristics is necessary. However, understanding its issues and needs is essential to the excellent value of your content. What is your audience looking for? Also, keep in mind all the nuances that the same theme can compose. Sometimes, you will have a suitable theme, but not necessarily the right subject.

3. Add value to your content to engage your audience

Now that you know your audience and the questions they are asking, the topics are all found! But is that enough to write engaging articles? Unfortunately no.

This is where the real work of content creation begins. Beyond a simple article on the chosen subject, try to push your content further in both substance and form constantly.

Even if you have mastered the subject at hand, I advise you to carry out at least 30 minutes of research for each article. There may be something missing from your development or a trend that you might have missed. And you can’t afford that since your audience expects reliable and up-to-date content.

By positioning yourself as an expert, you will need to give your audience back their trust in you and your content.

To write genuinely engaging articles, you need to focus on the added value of your content. It can be in expertise by testifying to solid research on the subject of your experience, successes, and failures that only you can transmit.

But the added value can also be in the format of your content.

Offer exclusive newsletter content, white papers, share fresher and more dynamic formats in your articles (videos, podcasts etc.) or organize webinars. And yes, the field of possibilities is endless!

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4. You are original: use your personality to write engaging articles

The tone of your communication is also fundamental when you want to create engaging blog posts for your audience. No one likes to read flat, passive, impersonal articles. Your audience needs to feel that you are like them and that you’ve been through the same challenges they have. The human side of your writing remains an essential element to engage your readers.

So we’ll have to add a little emotion and empathy to these lines. Do you agree with me? Empathy is at the heart of human relations. It is also making a solid comeback in brand strategies, the latter having understood the need of consumers to be listened to, understood and respected.

Well, it also works for content writing. Always remember that those who will read your articles are real people! To improve your tone and your writing, no secret in my opinion: relax. Be confident in your knowledge and talents, and don’t adopt a too severe tone. Let your personality speak, communicate with an open heart, and empathize with your readers. Use humour when you feel it, and above all, put energy into what you write!

Let’s see a little fun!

5. Optimize strategic points for an engaging article

You have understood it; the content and the form of an article require a lot of work to engage its audience. Let’s tackle the last point of this article with the more technical aspect of content writing I named: the strategic points.

You may know that your readers are a bit lazy and time-consuming. A lot of times, their eyes hover over certain parts, and only a few things determine whether or not your article deserves a few minutes of extra attention.

What are the strategic points of an engaging article?

  • Concentrate as much as possible on the title of your article: it is only after reading it that the Internet user decides whether or not to consume it
  • The introduction: it must be impactful and make readers want to read the rest of your article
  • Your titles should be clear and concise, allowing you to understand the topic covered in each paragraph quickly
  • Do not go all over the place; keep in mind that an article = a specific idea. This will make it easier to read and understand the article without losing your audience.
  • Make your content visually appealing: insert images, gifs, videos or even podcasts to liven up your content and enrich it.
  • Be concise in your paragraphs, don’t use complicated phrases or lengthy phrases.
  • Please choose the right CTAs at the right time: they must be related to the subject at hand and must be part of a logical sequence without excess.

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Well… Looks like I’ve come to the end of these 5 tips for writing an engaging article. What do you think? Do you have any of these measures in place? Maybe you have other ideas to share?

You now know that it is essential to take these elements into account and understand the needs of your audience.

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