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6 Actionable Tips On How To Secure Your Wi-Fi

The Internet is full of pitfalls if you’re not careful about how you go about accessing it. Long gone are the days of modems connecting to a landline with all kinds of alien sounds. Now we have sleek and silent routers that wirelessly connect us and all of our devices to the Internet through wi-fi. But with this more streamlined way of browsing the web, it’s important to secure your wi-fi. Here are some things you can do to beef up security.

1. Change the Password

Most routers come with a default password. If that password is not strong, meaning that it contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, then your wifi is definitely not as secure as you think. With IT services company Sydney on your side, there’s no reason to fear making these kinds of changes on your own.

2. Change Your SSID

Just like your router has a default password, it also has a default SSID or router name. Your router name shouldn’t reveal the type of router it is, your name, your Internet provider or any other sensitive information a hacker can exploit. Changing your SSID is simple, just go to your router’s web address and make the change.

3. Enable Encryption

Most wifi routers have encryption. It is your job to make sure that you enable your router’s encryption. Look at your router’s WAP2 security settings and enable the AES encryption and follow the instructions. Enabling encryption makes it more difficult for a hacker to see what you’re sending over wifi. This includes passwords and usernames, websites, online banking information, social media and more.

4. Use Your Guest Network

Many Internet providers allow routers to have a guest network in addition to the primary network. Using the guest network keeps others from accessing other devices that are connected to your main network. This creates a barrier between you and “guests” that gives you more privacy.

5. Use Multiple Firewalls

A firewall is something that puts a barrier between trusted and untrusted networks or users by comparing them to a preset list of verifications. Firewalls even help protect against viruses and malware. Firewalls can be proxy servers, packet filters, circuit-level gateways, and application-level gateways. Using a combination of firewalls provides better wi-fi security.

6. Update the Router

Make sure you keep your router’s firmware and software up to date. This is crucial to the security of your wi-fi network. These updates fix bugs and other issues, including code that can be corrupted or exploited by a cyberattack. Sometimes updates are purely cosmetic, updating the user interface or end-user experience, but far more often these updates have a lot more to do with your router’s security protocols and overall technical health.

There are plenty of things you can do to increase the security of your wifi router and your Internet usage. Things like VPNs are great but they should be paired with other security measures to give you the most peace of mind. Hackers are out there, but they usually pick easy targets. Increasing security measures makes you a more difficult target.

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