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7 Tips For Moving Your Social Media

Getting closer to consumers and potential customers and maintaining interactive communication is the dream of brands and companies in the digital age. In this context, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms are excellent tool options to achieve the goals set. But when it comes to getting your hands dirty, do you know how to move your social media and create business opportunities? See these tips.

Marketing On Social Networks: How To Move Profiles?

Today, just as there are different social networks for each user profile, different strategies and actions can be adopted to attract customers, interact with consumers and generate business opportunities.

Therefore, there is no single option. But, without a doubt, you can cite seven tips for moving your social networks that certainly have the potential to increase brand exposure and increase sales of products and services.

Do Lives

During the pandemic, lives became popular mainly among artists who took advantage of the resource to make musical performances and even theater performances, for example. But live content is not limited to the art class.

On the contrary, brands, companies, and self-employed professionals can also bet on lives to promote products and services, interact in real-time with consumers and potential customers and move on social media.

Bet On Polls, Questions, And Answers

It is essential to understand that, in social networks, users like to feel heard and honored by the profiles they follow. And nothing better than “listening” to your audience through polls, questions, and answers.

On Instagram, for example, you can open question boxes that can be answered by text or video. In addition, questions and polls are a great way to find out who follows your profile and the type of content they are looking for.

Create Video Content

Anyone on social networks must have noticed that content creators and digital influencers have increasingly invested in video content. And this new reality did not come by chance, nor is it a coincidence.

The truth is that social networks, especially Instagram, have given much more relevance to video content. For this reason, algorithms prioritize this type of content, which is shared more and to more people than photos, for example.

Interact In The Comments

Remember how we said that social media users like to be noticed? Well, interacting in the comments of your publications is an excellent way to make your followers feel appreciated and move your social networks.

Even criticisms must be answered. It’s not about engaging with haters and people who are just there to cause, but knowing how to listen to users who, for various reasons, have been satisfied with the contact they had with your brand/company.

Share Relevant Content

When brands and companies create profiles on social networks, the question may arise: after all, should I post every day? What content to publish? For many people, posting in quantity is better than posting little with quality.

The truth is that the quality and relevance of the content are more important than the frequency. Understanding your target audience is the first step to creating content that matters to your followers.

Offer Your Followers Perks

Who doesn’t like discounts and promotions, right? In this context, one way to move your social networks and make your followers like, save and share more of your content is to offer advantages.

Offering discounts, promotions, and other benefits on social media is also a way to attract more followers. But beware: this action needs good planning to ensure that only qualified leads are attracted.

Use The Right Social Network

The more profiles on social media, the better, right? WRONG. This is a widespread mistake when talking about social media. While there are different interaction platforms, your brand DOESN’T NEED to be on all of them.

The essential thing in these cases is to be where your target audience is. That is, before creating profiles on all existing social networks, do detailed research and find out which users you want to attract are in.

If you are not yet on social media, know that your business is missing out on valuable opportunities to gain more authority and visibility in the market.

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