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Your YouTube Channel Is Set To Grow. Here Are 7 Truths

Your YouTube channel has to take off. You certainly wish it at this moment, which is understandable; some creators manage to get an incredible YouTube engagement boom in a few days. That will be your goal. Many cannot replicate such successes in such a short time. It often takes years to create viral content, which is why we are easily discouraged and decide to abandon an activity like this. The point is that you need to look further, set yourself achievable goals, and perhaps reach 200,000 subscribers to obtain a constant monthly income.

It’s Not Too Late To Get Started With Your YouTube Channel

Even before thinking about the growth of the YouTube channel, learn to develop a strategy to start on the right foot and with clear ideas:

  • Remember that short films on YouTube with a duration of fewer than 60 seconds can obtain billions of views every day ;
  • If we talk, however, of active users every month, even in this sense, the numbers are staggering, reaching about 2 billion ;
  • More than 1 billion hours of video content are viewed every day on the YouTube platform;
  • The channels that reach 6 figures, as a goal, manage to grow every year, as long as they are active and offer valuable content, which is undoubtedly an excellent sign.

There are also realities in which the YouTube views they have increased thanks to the inclusion of short videos, the so-called YouTube Shorts dramatically; undoubtedly represents an excellent opportunity for everyone because these short films get excellent visibility, appear in the foreground in the carousel, and therefore we should take advantage of them.

It Is Passion That Moves Everything

The YouTube platform has always relied on numerous creators. This is because, with their talent and, above all, a lot of passion, they can bring results and, at the same time, see their channel grow. Making money on YouTube is essential, but a creator must also aim to obtain good authority on YouTube to inspire people, changing their habits by giving them educational content. Also, YouTube comments represent an apparent strength. Interactions are everything and do not fall from the sky but result from a good growth strategy, seasoned with quality video content, accessible to all.

Perfection Does Not Exist

Beyond the increase in views, you must remember that perfection does not exist on YouTube. Still, day after day, you can accumulate the necessary experience to achieve the results you had set for yourself. Indeed the first videos will not be the best. It’s just the beginning, the road is long, and you certainly can’t afford to throw in the towel so quickly.

Quality Is Paramount

It is true. We must give more importance to the quality than the number of videos uploaded to your channel. We do not refer to the fact that they must necessarily be in 4K, but they are attractive!

We Need A Strategy For This Too. The Phases Are

  • Initial keyword research for a given topic;
  • Create the video. The footage must still be good;
  • Video editing, a step that cannot be missed;
  • You will finally be able to upload the video to the YouTube platform;
  • Enter the metadata, i.e. title, specific tags, description and keys;
  • The miniature is also essential. Make sure it is impactful;
  • Publish the video. The time X is taken;
  • Constantly keep track of the results obtained;
  • Repeat the process for each video.

It Is From Mistakes That We Grow

Start thinking that you will inevitably make mistakes, missteps cannot be missing, but that’s how you grow up; for example, a thumbnail that does not bring many clicks or a reversal of the trend of the views, but this does not mean that you have to stop, never give up. Making mistakes helps because you will learn to avoid and create winning strategies from those. Another important aspect is that mistakes can be faced more easily when you are a small creator. There will be fewer subscribers, so few will notice these small negative parentheses.

Patience Will Get You Off The Ground

It is essential that you manage to set goals, whether they are subscribers or the number of views does not change, but a plan can take you far as long as you have the right amount of patience to persevere. If you are a beginner, avoid situations of high stress, instead focus on learning the exact functioning of the YouTube platform. Over time, you will indeed create great content for your audience.

Success Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

By dint of dreaming, success could become a nightmare and a primary source of stress. In any case, to get it takes time. It is not something that happens overnight. Over time, you have to learn to develop a better mentality, keep away any pressure, focus only on one path, and follow it!

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