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Business Email: 9 Reasons To Use Outlook

The professional email tool offered in Microsoft Office 365 services is Outlook + Exchange. This communication tool has many advantages for your company, regardless of size. In this article, we choose to present 9 of them.

1. Microsoft Outlook, A Professional Email That Allows You To Communicate With A Domain Name Specific To You!

Many companies still work with a free domain name, such as yourcompany@gmail.com, yourcompany@hotmail.com, or even yourcompany@COMPANY.COM… … But you, YES!

So why not communicate through a professional and personalized email address using your company name as the domain name The effect is even more professional, and your employees’ communication is harmonized. An email has become the most common form of communication in business today.

Sending an email/message is not insignificant and must reflect your business: a common domain name and a standardized layout are the starting points for your business communication.

2. Outlook Allows You To Create Custom Signatures

You will have the possibility to create as many email signatures as you wish (with, of course, text, images, your logo, etc.). You can consider creating ephemeral signatures to relay specific information: presence at a trade show, promotion of the month, etc.

Email remains your primary means of business communication. It’s a fact that by controlling your brand image and the way you convey it in your communication, you will improve your competitiveness.

3. Microsoft Outlook Allows You To Consult Several Mailboxes Simultaneously

Outlook Exchange offers you the possibility of consulting several mailboxes simultaneously. Indeed you could, for example, want to receive and consult your emails (e.g., you@yourcompany.fr) and those of your generic box (e.g., contact@yourcompany.fr). This feature allows you to save time and thus be more productive. You centralize all your mailboxes in one place.

4. Outlook Makes It Possible To Develop Collaborative Work

Outlook Exchange promotes collaboration in your business. All your Outlook services can be shared, consulted, and modified according to the settings you put in place. Indeed, a business manager can designate his assistant as editor of his plan: she can create appointments or modify them…

You can also decide on a “contact” data box typical to all your employees; for the others, sharing business cards is easy to use. Thanks to this professional messaging available on all terminals (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.), you will undoubtedly be able to increase your productivity.

5. Outlook Gives You Access To Additional Services

In addition to a professional email service, Outlook Exchange is also a Contact database, a calendar, and task and note management. All these services are associated: you can invite a contact to a meeting, and an email will be sent to him automatically. Additional services that will allow you to improve the organization of your data, your resources, etc.

6. Outlook Allows You To Send An Email From Word

The emailing function is intuitive, thanks to the combination of Outlook and Word. Type your message directly in Word, and it will be transmitted individually to all or part of your Contact database in a few clicks.

7. Outlook Improves The Security Of Your Computer

It should be noted that Outlook Exchange is today the most secure professional messaging service. A draconian automatic sorting is carried out, sorting that you can easily modulate and reinforce.

8. Outlook Improves Accessibility

Microsoft Office 365 services have the particularity of being accessible everywhere, all the time, and on any device. Outlook Exchange also has an offline work mode that will allow you to prepare your emails; these will be sent as soon as the connection is restored.

9. Outlook Allows You To Perform An Optimized Classification Of Your Folders And Files

To keep an “organized” mailbox to facilitate the processing and the email search, you have the possibility of creating an infinite number of subfolders in your inbox.

In addition, an email and the responses provided by the various recipients can be classified as a conversation. You can access all the emails received and sent during this exchange when searching for items.

On the other hand, you can always create more or less complex reception rules to manage a large flow of emails received. These will allow you to automatically classify an email in its file and thus avoid overloading your professional mailbox.

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