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Are ADSL And Wifi The Same Thing?

Although the data connection is now a service used by practically everyone, even those not passionate about technology, inexperienced users may have doubts about the names and acronyms that indicate the standards used to connect to the network. For example, are ADSL and Wifi the same thing? We will try to answer this question in the following few paragraphs without going too far into complicated and technical explanations and making it easier to understand.

Some providers sponsor their home Internet offer by mentioning Wifi, particularly when the rate is accompanied by a modem router capable of allowing the customer to connect to the Internet via cable or Wireless, depending on their preferences. Does this mean that Wifi is ADSL? In reality, the answer is no, and now we will see why.

What Is ADSL

ADSL (an acronym for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is one of the technologies with which the operator allows its customers to access the Internet. It is based on the traditional telephone network: the signal, therefore, is transmitted via the copper pair, up to a maximum download speed of 20 Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps. In the most remote areas, not directly reached by the provider, and with older generation infrastructures, the maximum connection speeds are lower (starting from 640 kbps in download). When we talk about ADSL, we refer to the standard used to connect to the Internet, such as fiber or, in the case of mobile networks, 3G and 4G.

What Is Wifi

On the other hand, Wifi (or Wireless) is a system with which it is possible to connect to the ADSL network (or another standard), thanks to modems, hotspots or other devices enabled for signal transmission. In the case of a fixed network, the modem allows you to connect wirelessly to the ADSL using the integrated antennas: most of the best modem routers on the market allow both to communicate via Wireless and to connect via a cable (type Ethernet).

The Wifi performance of a connection may be lower than using the cable: the speed is affected by various factors, such as the distance from the modem, the presence of obstacles or disturbing elements (other nearby electronic devices), and the coverage. Guaranteed by the modem used, etc… The convenience of Wireless compared to a wired network is excellent, especially in everyday life, dotted with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles and intelligent appliances that require a wireless connection to take full advantage of their functionality.

Wifi Is Not ADSL

ADSL and Wifi are the same things, then? We could think so from a certain point of view because the same ADSL network is radiated “wirelessly” by the modem connected to the telephone socket instead of the cable. Wifi, however, does not have to be purchased from the provider as it happens for an ADSL offer, but it is a function that your modem allows you to use to connect wirelessly. Wifi, therefore, can also be used with fiber or to share your mobile Internet connection. There are no additional costs compared to the wired network.

Wireless Internet Offers Vs ADSL Offers: Are They The Same Thing?

We have established that ADSL isn’t Wifi and that the Wireless association can be utilized as an option in contrast to the wired organization to partake in the remote Internet organization. More regularly, in any case, we catch wind of Wireless Internet offers: what relationship do they have with ADSL and modem Wifi? Remote taxes are elective answers for ADSL, fiber and portable organizations, generally founded on FWA innovation.

This norm makes it possible to buy into broadband and super broadband administrations without requiring a decent organization at every comparable expense. The transmission is communicated from the control board to the endorser’s home, not using the link, yet remotely (in Wireless, as a matter of fact): the client, in this way, will be outfitted with committed receiving wires and modems to have the option to utilize the help. We track down Linkem, EOLO and Tiscali among the most dynamic administrators available.

In this manner, the Wireless Internet offers don’t have anything to do with ADSL or the “customary” modem utilized at home to use the landline association. Taking everything into account, we can say that ADSL is the innovation with which the supplier promises you the information association (as well as the optical fiber). Wifi is one of the frameworks you can use through the modem associated with the organization to exploit this association (as an option in contrast to the link). Then again, Wireless Internet offers elective rates to the customary fixed network, permitting you to have Internet at home without a phone line.

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