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Benefits Of Voice Authentication In Call Centers

Working in a call center in the modern workplace requires a good deal of software and equipment. From managing the call queue to properly interacting with callers, a modern call center has a lot of tools to keep the workflow going as it should without interruption. Another useful tool is using biometric authentication for contact center authentication. Biometric authentication verifies a caller’s identity by using the detection of unique voice characteristics to log them into a service, account, or app. Much like your fingerprint, your voice can be a unique identifier and voice biometric authentication makes use of records of your voice to match you to your identity.

Voice Biometric Authentication Explained

Voice biometric authentication identifies you by processing your voice pattern. Such a security system is straightforward and, unlike speech recognition, does not use words but instead makes use of records to track characteristics. It uses an enrollment phase that can be constructed off of as little as 20 seconds of speech. This phase serves as a voiceprint to identify callers when they call in.

  • A voice biometric is accurate and reliable, allowing customers to self-authenticate, which can save time and be done in seconds.
  • These systems tell you who is speaking on the phone, not what they are saying, a notable difference when comparing voice biometric authentication to other voice recognition systems.
  • This authentication compares not words but instead hundreds of unique voice characteristics compared to the saved voiceprint.
  • This is not only useful for customer service but can also help prevent identity theft and other types of fraud. This improves both security and transparency, which further improves your company’s image.

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Uses of Voice Biometric Authentication

Voice biometric authentication has many practice uses. Verification is just one of the many uses this useful technology offers. It can also be used to access multiple systems at once, as part of a multi-factor identification solution, and also to improve overall security to meet the different standards of various types of industries, such as the government and medical industries. Also, preventing fraud and cybercrime is critical in the modern world.

Call Center Biometric Authentication Some Benefits

  • Secure Verification: the use of voice biometrics is a safe way to have customers verify their identity. With this type of authentication, a customer does not have to share personal data or details over the phone. They also don’t have to answer questions to use other methods to verify their identity.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: the identification process is one that customers often find frustrating. In a call center, when receiving dozens or hundreds of calls per day, improving both efficiency and customer satisfaction is critical. With voice biometrics, less time is spent proving a customer’s identity, which offers faster solutions to customer issues and also a lower risk of fraud.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: with voice biometrics authentication, your employees don’t have to spend time asking questions or managing frustrated customers who cannot remember a password or passphrase. This allows your employees to move to provide solutions that make their job easier and can reduce overall stress.
  • Prevent Fraud: voice biometrics technology not only provides for easier customer identification, but it can also help prevent fraud and identity theft. With a voiceprint and biometrics, you can track risk scores in real-time for every call your call center receives. This helps in preventing illegal activity.
  • Improved ROI: with voice biometrics, you improve performance, shorter wait times, reduced hold times, and other improved metrics. These factors make voice biometrics an addition that offers a strong return on its upfront cost.

Technology has changed the way modern businesses operate and has also increased the dangers they face as cybercriminals are always improving their methods. By making use of voice biometrics technology, you help protect your company from identity theft and also provide better services for both customers and employees.

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