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The Best Android Tablets To Buy In 2020

Android tablets have exceptional value for money and are generally the best alternative to an iPad. The main difference between an Apple tablet and an Android is the software used, iOS and Google Android respectively.

Amazon Fire is a little different, indeed even if it works with Android, this version of Amazon is restricted to the brand environment. However, they are easy to use for children.

In this article, discover our selection of the best Android tablets and our buying guide to help you make the right choice.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

From $ 399

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has a thinner and lighter design than its predecessor, the Tab S4. It is equipped with an excellent 10.5-inch Super AMOLED panel, as well as a quadruple speaker system.

If you are looking for fluidity and a large storage capacity then its 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory will seduce you. Even if it seems to be a little limited by its Snapdragon 670 processor, the Galaxy S5e fulfills its role of tablet for entertainment very well.

Thanks to its AKG speakers powered by Dolby Atmos technology, your playing and listening experience will be much more immersive than usual.

In addition, with its 7,040 mAh battery you will be able to take advantage of it for just over 15 hours, a very satisfactory average.

No mini-jack output, however, it has a USB Type-C port and is compatible with Bluetooth.

The value for money of this Galaxy Tab S5e tablet is indisputable, it has everything to please.

2. GALAXY Tab S4

From $ 649

The Galaxy Tab S4 does not experience big changes compared to the S3.

Samsung has managed to shrink the black bands around the screen significantly, resulting in a larger display. The integration of the DeX software developed by Samsung, gives it more power.

It is probably one of the best Android tablets on the market, but it is still very expensive.

3. AMAZON FIRE HD 8 (2018)

From $ 79.99

If you don’t need Google apps on your tablet, then Amazon Fire HD 8 is one of the best for less than $ 100 that we recommend.

It is a little more expensive than the Fire 7 but it has a larger and better screen. It also has stereo speakers and a battery that lasts up to 12 hours.

If you like watching movies or series from a tablet then this is the one for you.

4. Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4

Yet to be confirmed

The Huawei MediaPas M5 8.4 is a good alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Tab range and the iPad mini. It may seem expensive, but it still has a very good value for money.

If your budget is around € 350, then it’s hard not to recommend the MediaPad M5.

The iPad 9.7 inch (2018) is a little more expensive, but you will have an audio jack, and the Apple Pencil.

5. XIAOMI Mi Pad 4

$ 249.99 (Wi-Fi) | $ 324.99 (LTE)

The Xiaomi Mi Pad4 (8 inches) has a Full HD screen, a Snapdragon 660 processor, RAM up to 4 GB and 64 GB of storage space. Xiaomi also added microSD support to it.

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is very easy to use and the sound is superb thanks to the speakers placed on the lower edge of the tablet.

We are simply disappointed to see that GPS is not one of its options.


$ 49.99

The Amazon Fire 7 (8 or 16 GB) is a small update to the Fire 7 inch tablet released in 2015. Even if the processor and photo sensors have not been upgraded, at this price it is difficult to complain about it.

It is thin and light, its autonomy is longer and its screen has been improved.

If you buy it then you will be able to access the Amazon AppStore, where there are thousands of games, songs, apps, and audiobooks available, and take advantage of Alexa, Amazon Prime, and Netflix .

The Amazon Fire 7 is ideal for children and simple everyday use.

7. SAMSUNG GALAXY Tab Active 2

$ 519

If you are looking for a solid tablet for outdoor use, then the Galaxy Tab Active 2 is a good choice. It is one of the most robust devices we have tested.

Although it is equipped with a GPS, 4G / LTE and other advantageous features, its screen and the storage space provided are rather disappointing at this price.

8. Lenovo Smart Tab P10

3GB / 32GB $ 299.99 | 4GB / 64GB $ 349.99

The Smart Tab P10 is an economical and ergonomic tablet. Its 10 ”full HD double glass design and its metal frame make it very elegant.

It has a docking station called Smart Dock which includes speakers, perfect for listening to music or watching movies. If you want to take your tablet with you, then simply remove it from its base; it’s a two in one very practical.

Its interface is intuitive and family-friendly, each member of your tribe can create their own account, personalize and secure it with a password or with the touch ID.

It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor, 16 or 32 GB of hard drive and 2 or 3 GB of RAM, as desired.

It will be interesting to opt for the P10 if you want full access to Android and YouTube, rather than the Fire OS of the Fire Amazon tablet.

How To Choose A Tablet?

The best size for a tablet

One of the first things to consider is the size of the screen. It ranges from 7 to 13 inches. For most people, 8 or 9 inches is the best compromise, the tablet will be easier to use and carry

A tablet with a larger screen is potentially heavier, which quickly becomes uncomfortable and bulky.

Storage space

In order not to run the risk of running out of storage space, aim for a capacity of at least 16 GB, of course the larger the memory capacity, the more space you will have for your downloads.

Some Android tablets have a microSD slot to increase the available space.

If you opt for a tablet without this option, then be sure to choose a model with a large volume, for videos and greedy applications.


Regarding the screen, it is better to opt for an IPS or AMOLED panel. Avoid the TN panel in order to have a better viewing angle and color rendering.

The higher the resolution, the better, however, the more important the pixel density. To obtain a completely clear image, 300 pixels per inch or more are preferable.


Most Android tablets allow Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and are compatible with NFC (technology to exchange information between two devices at a short distance). There are also tablets equipped with a GPS.

Make sure there is a SIM location, especially if you want to stay connected while traveling or if you are out of Wi-Fi range.

Regarding the autonomy of the batteries, they generally take more or less 10 hours, or a whole day of use.

The cameras on Android tablets are often good quality, but a smartphone is always more practical for taking pictures.

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