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Putlockers | Top 10 (Best & Free) Putlockers Alternatives And Similar Sites In 2024

Putlockers is one of the best and free streaming entertainment media that went online in the year 2011. The website initial origins are from the United Kingdom. Putlockers is one of the fastest websites to attract millions of daily visitors and went on to become one of the most popular and trending websites in the United Kingdom.

Putlocker website was live with almost fifty mirror or proxy names and has changed its domain names multiple times as the time passed by. But these are some names Putlocker, Putlockers, Putlocker 9, putlocker io, putlocker plus, putlocker.me, putlocker.fm, putlockers.cz where users and movie lovers constantly searched to find this great free streaming website.

Get To Know The Brief Description Of Putlockers

Putlockers is one of the most popular and free online movies streaming platforms where movie lovers and users can watch HD quality movies for free of cost. Putlocker has a huge database with thousands of movies and tv shows as it is filled with regular and recently updated movies.

Putlockers website first went live in 2011 in the UK and its services were prolonged till 2016 where it was finally blocked because of the strict orders that have been passed by the High Court in the U.K. This led to the rise of many proxies or mirror sites. Many sources reported that there have been at least fifty sites that have been running in the name of Putlocker.

What You Actually Find In Putlockers Websites?

Putlockers is the popular free streaming that attracts the user’s with its simple and user-friendly features. Not only is this website popular it is also listed as the top 250 most visited sites by Alexa Internet.

When it comes to matching its features many free streaming services are very far from it. This website contains many movie genres like Animated, Adventure, Action, Horror, Crime, Comedy, Documentary, Romance, and many more that are available. Each category has its own related movie stream.

Putlockers has a special search bar option where the user can find their favourite movies or tv shows instantly. There is no need to log in, sign up, or to provide any credentials that are required to access this site. This is one of the time-saving options that this site provides.

If you are a movie lover or searching for free online streaming websites you can try it out and experience its streaming best services as many mirror sites are available to date.

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Is Putlockers Safe To Access?

Putlockers free streaming site is safe to use until and unless you use a proper premium VPN service. But if you are not using any premium VPN then there are high chances that your device will be affected with malware. Most of this type of sites have popup ads that make these websites very risky to access.

When you click on the website and because of these pop-up ads there are chances that the website is redirected to other pages and without your interference, you might end up downloading unknown viruses that are harmful to your devices. Finally, we conclude that using a premium VPN service is the best option to secure your device.

Is Putlockers Website Compatible With Mobile And Desktop?

The answer is 100% Yes. Putlockers website can be easily compatible or can be accessed on mobile and desktop very easily. You don’t have to worry or think about installing applications to access this site. A proper Internet connection is enough to access the website on mobile or desktop.

There are many alternatives that are not compatible with mobile or desktop. This User-friendly interface of this website separates from putlockers and other online free streaming websites.

Before Using Putlockers Why You Need To Know About VPN?

Free streaming sites are always changing and are not safe to use. This can be dangerous even though these websites were previously secure, there is no guarantee that your device will be free from malware.

You also run the risk of visiting a fake website that claims to be the original, and there are chances your personal information might be stolen.

Free streaming sites often do not host their own content. Instead, they function as an index with links to third parties hosting the desired content. This brings additional risks, as you may not know what’s going on until you face the consequences.

Another disadvantage of free streaming sites is that they are often filled with popups and intrusive ads which might take you to other websites or you might end up downloading viruses without your interference.

Try your best not to click on them or access them, if you are unable to resist the temptation to avoid them then it’s better to use a premium VPN to protect your device from malicious cyber threats.

What Advantages You Have If Use A VPN

  • Blocks all kinds of malware, intrusive ads, trackers which may contain harmful software that affects your device
  • VPN allows you to access the geo-restricted content (i.e ISP, government, workplace restricted websites) by masking the old IP address thereby giving you the new IP.
  • One of the best advantages a VPN gives you is that your sensitive and personal information is secured. It avoids the data leaks.
  • It hides your IP address, your location, your activity on the web
  • It helps to avoid facing legal action and provides many security features.

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Top 10 VPN Services For Putlocker

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. Tunnelbear
  5. Windscribe
  6. Ultravpn
  7. Ipvanish
  8. Hotspotshield
  9. Cyberghostvpn
  10. Private VPN

10 (Best & Free) Putlocker Alternatives And Similar Sites [Updated 2024]

1. 123Movies


123Movies is considered one of the best alternatives for Putlockers. This website has a UI interface that no other website comes close to. This is what separates 123 movies from other free streaming websites.

All the recent released films are available on this awesome website. If you want to see a movie released years or months ago, you can still find the movie and watch it. This is one of the best free streaming sites available to watch movies, TV shows of all genres. The collection is so versatile that you can easily access your favourite movie based on your choice.


  • No Registration Required To Access 123movies.
  • This website has the largest streaming library
  • It contains fewer ads when compared to other free streaming websites
  • 123movies is well-organized, minimalist interface
  • Other than movies and Tv shows you can find Asian dramas, western hits, and cartoons.

2. Popcornflix


Popcornflix’s streaming service is one of the best alternatives and can easily be an effective replacement for Putlockers. Popcornflix library has a lot of old and classic movies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the latest videos there.

One of the disadvantages is that this free streaming service does not contain TV shows. It works well with smartphones and computer systems and is fully compatible with iOS and Android platforms.


  • This website provides a large variety of genres like action, adventure, thriller, comedy, romance, etc.
  • No user registration is required to access Popcornflix
  • Optimized and fully compatible with mobile and desktop devices
  • It has a huge database with the collection of movies, with recently released hits.

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3. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is the collection of the best HD movies on the web. Instead of storing movies on its servers, it basically offers download and live download connections for the movie. The user-friendly web interface makes life easy for the user to search for favourite movies.

In addition, SolarMovie is also compatible with the various fields like new movies, HD video files, the best known, the most recent and future, can be found when the user types in the search bar. Most importantly, there is also a separate comments section where you can read audits and other people’s views regarding the nature of the comments.


  • No registration required to access the content in the Solar movie.
  • User can find both Movies & TV shows.
  • Well organized categories and superior search function when compared to many other putlockers alternatives.
  • User can view the movie results based on IMDB rating
  • Neat website design and user-friendly interface.

4. Los Movies

Los Movies

Although the website is available in English, it offers a variety of multilingual subtitle options. From Swedish and Albanian to Croatian, the subtitles are available in different languages.

Most of the movies are available in HD and the recent and most popular programs are available on the website’s home page.

If you have an active ad blocker on your system, you can block Los Movies’ built-in video player. Apart from this disadvantage, the site works rather well.


  • Best international content (movies, tv shows) will be found on this website
  • No registration is required to access this website
  • A large variety of TV shows and movies available on this great website
  • International language movies are available with subtitles.
  • Latest trending content will be available on home page

5. Fmovies


FMovies is one of the most enjoyable websites to download and watch free HD quality movies. With FMovies, users and movie lovers can download free web series, TV programs, or movies without registering.

Most free streaming websites on the Internet only offer movies and TV shows but they lack providing captions. However, FMovies is one of the few websites that also offer subtitles to its users.

Movies are available in various genres like action, adventure, thriller, romance, IMDB’s ranking of best films, science fiction, and more. This website is not legal in all countries and is also banned in some countries.


  • Fmovies offers the best search function for the users
  • No registration required to access the content
  • User-friendly layout
  • The homepage features a simple design and can be accessed easily.

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6. Gomovies


Gomovies is considered to be one of the best alternatives for putlockers. It is a top website where you can watch HD movies for free. One of the best things that set GOMovies apart from other free streaming movie sites is that it shows recently released movies.

Gomovies is a platform that suits you perfectly if you are a movie lover.
One of the disadvantages of this platform is that the recently released movies can be accessed in low quality. Most of the films offered by GOMovies come from the 123movies site, which is already listed above.

Everything available on GOMovies can be streamed online and downloaded for free. One of the drawbacks for Gomovies is that it offers advertising services to the users.


  • Gomovies offers a user-friendly design
  • The well-designed search function
  • It has two different homepage layouts
  • No registration required
  • It has a night mode option which is a unique feature for this website.

7. Yesmovies


If you want to watch free movies online, yesmovies is a good option to have. This is considered to be one of the best alternatives for putlockers. There are over 9,000 free HD movies available for download. In addition to HD movies, TV series and documentaries are also available as well.

If you use this platform, you will be entertained for sure. Besides, this home page of this website is so beautifully designed that you can enjoy it. There are various sections like genres, movies, TV series, and best IMDB, etc. The movie database of yesmovies will be constantly updated.


  • User registration is not required for this website
  • Movie lovers can view the movie results based on IMDB rating
  • Yesmovies have unique categories and some great hidden gems (movies, tv shows)
  • This website contains a number of interesting documentaries
  • User-friendly UI interface.

8. AZ Movies

AZ Movies

AZ Movies is one of the best free streaming websites in the world. This can be considered as one of the best alternatives for putlocker.io. Since this is the page where people can see the latest movies released in HD, there is no other stream in the stream.

Most movie lovers choose this website because it uploads the latest downloaded Hollywood and Bollywood movies before many other free streaming websites.


  • AZ Movies provides a large number of mirrors (offers more links) for each title.
  • User registration not required
  • AZ movies have very quick site speed
  • The high definitions of movies can be streamed with minimal buffering
  • One of the biggest advantages is that it has a straightforward interface.

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9. MoviesJoy


Moviesjoy is the best online streaming platform that offers HD movies and TV series in the fields of documentary, romance, action, adventure, and many of them for free and without boring advertising nor fixed payments. You get a complete and simple step-by-step guide to download movies online.

Moviesjoy is a trendy movie streaming site with the latest movies or TV series. Not only that! You may also be interested in moviesjoy.net which gives you awareness about the upcoming movies. It can only be updated when you swipe the screen downwards. Its website layout is awesome which attracts movie lovers.


  • No user registration required
  • Website is updated frequently with latest hit movies
  • Tons of US content (movies, tv shows)
  • The website layout is attractive and easy to navigate.
  • Moviesjoy is a mobile-friendly website.

10. Watch Series Online

Watch Series Online

Watch Series Online is one of the most popular online sites, and many of the most popular TV shows are offered online for free, which looks like a library of TV shows. Not only popular TV series can be found on Watch Series online, but also many classic TV shows.

Although Watch Series online is a sophisticated streaming site for TV series, there will be some commercials while streaming. Therefore, this would interrupt users when they visit the site. But this will be one of the decent alternatives to putlockers.


  • This website is good for watching TV shows (Tons of TV shows0
  • No registration is required to access this website
  • Most of the shows are available in HD
  • Multiple mirror links are offered if one link is not working.
  • This site offers more TV shows compared to other free streaming services


Since the putlockers websites are banned in many countries it is very important to find the best alternatives for putlockers. Here in this article we clearly mentioned you the perfect and best alternative fit for movie lovers.

We suggest you to use a proper and secure VPN to protect your devices from malware or viruses. Finally, If you think your mobile or desktop is not compatible with any of the streaming platforms then you can right away switch to another alternative website.

If you are facing any difficulties accessing any of the putlockers alternatives just comment below, we will help you out with a reply.

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