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Best Slots By Habanero Software Provider

There are many software providers out there but one name that is popular with players is the Habanero software provider. They specialise in both table based and slot games, although they have more fans who are slots online UK players.

Who are they

Habanero are a popular games provider who specialise in both table and slot games. They are well known in both the western and Asian markets, something that not too many providers manage to do. As a result, the provider has released games in multiple languages and styles. Habanero offers over a hundred different games for players to enjoy, as well as a host of amazing bonuses and features. Although the provider is relatively young, originating back in 2012, they have managed to accumulate a stellar reputation in the time they have been active, taking over the asian market. They are currently getting more and more popular in the western market as they look to expand. The future of the provider is only looking brighter with each passing year.


Although this developer is not well known among western circles, they have already taken the east by storm. As a provider of both slot and table based games, this developer offers players a lot of games to choose from. The following are a few of the advantages that using games developed by Habanero offers.

  1. Variety – Perhaps the biggest advantage that comes with using this developer is the range of variety that they offer. This variety comes in multiple forms, not just a single thing. The developer offers players a variety of themes to choose from, games to play, languages to use and a unique mixture of bonus features. With all this choice, it is unlikely you will get bored of Habanero anytime soon.
  2. Fun – One thing that the developer offers players is the chance to have fun. Much of the fun a player has will come from the fact that this developer offers a unique experience, thanks to its eastern influences. This means that much of what the player encounters from a design point of view will be stuff which they have never seen before.

Best slots

Although Habanero specialise in both table top and traditional casino games, they are most well known for their slot games. The following are the best slot games available to play from the provider.

  • Roman Empire is a unique slot that takes players back to the past with its medium variance and RTP of 96%. Players will need to fight for their wins in this game, luckily the graphics and gameplay are incredibly enjoyable, making this a fun process.
  • 5 Lucky Lions is another popular slot with medium variance and high RTP of 97%, proving that you too could be lucky if you choose to use this slot game. This slot uses an Eastern theme, the lions are not wild animals but of Chinese inspiration. The beautiful graphics perfectly render these characters, ensuring a memorable game.


This software developer brings much to the table including variety and quality, it is easy to see why they are so popular with players.

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