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Best Smartwatches That Simplify Your Life 2022

Smartwatches are taking the world by storm. Be it an adult or a kid, everyone is wearing one or wanting to buy one! They come in different shapes, sizes and colours and look absolutely classy. On top of that, they come loaded with so many features that make our lives easier and healthier.

Apart from tracking our health, you can use a smartwatch to take or make calls (thanks to bluetooth calling), control your music and camera, check weather and much more! A alling smartwatch takes away the hassle of holding your phone and ensures that you never miss out on anything important just because your phone was out of reach.

If you are thinking of buying a smartwatch then here’s a list of best smartwatches that you can buy right now:

Storm pro

Are you someone who is looking for your fitness partner? Then look no further! Here is the perfect fitness smartwatch that comes loaded with many health-related and other smart features.

It comes with a 1.78” AMOLED display that not only looks stunning but also offers the best visual and touch experience. The capacitive touch makes transitions faster and smoother. You can choose from 100+ watch faces and flaunt a new look every day! The always-on display makes it easier for you to stay in charge.

You can get live weather updates and even see live cricket scores on the watch.

It monitors your heart rate, sleep and SpO2 levels and helps you stay on top of your health. The 700+ active sports modes track your each and every activity.

The watch is IP68 dust, sweat and splash resistant. This makes it perfect for your every adventure.

FireBoltt thunder

Round dial and premium finish, this smartwatch comes with a 1.32” AMOLED display with 360X360 px resolution. You can count on this watch to monitor your heart rate, check your body temperature and SpO2 levels. It is also capable of tracking your sleep.

The dynamic 24X7 heart rate tracking enables you to keep a check on your heart health. The 30 sports modes make it easier to track your daily activities.

It comes with an inbuilt mic and speaker that allows you to make quick and easy calls. It even supports a TWS pairing feature that allows you to connect to wireless earbuds and neckbands. You can also control your music with your smartwatch. The watch is IP68 water resistant.

Noise colorfit ultra

A high class watch that features a 1.75” TrueView display set into an aircraft-grade aluminium body. The lightweight build makes it ideal for all – day wearing.

With this, stay connected to the outside world with ease as it brings all the important notifications like texts, calls and social media updates to your watch. You can even check the recent updates from the stock market world on your watch. Smart features like ‘Find My Phone’ or remote music control make our life easier.

You can also keep a check on menstrual health. With 60 sports modes, you can actively track your fitness activities and get nuanced data to make them better.

Xtend Sport

With this smartwatch, get ready to track and stay on top of everything. It features a 1.69” HD display and offers a comfort fit. The highly responsive touch makes it easier to navigate. If you are a cricket fan, then this smartwatch has something special for you – you get live match scores all the time on the watch.

This way even when you cannot watch a match, you stay informed of their every move. It makes tracking your health data fun and easy. You can track your eart rate, SpO2 levels and sleep. Along with custom fitness plans, gamification with badges and rewards, you get real-time updates on your energy levels.

The 700 active sports modes track everything – be it ballet dancing, singing, running or anything else. It supports fast charge technology that makes it ready in hardly 30 mins. With this, you can check your calls, notifications and texts on the go!

The watch is IP68 water resistant.

Realme Watch 2 Pro

It features a large 1.75” color display that makes everything appear bright and clear. You can choose from 100+ watch faces and customise your watch’s look as per your mood or OOTD.

Thanks to the high-precision dual satellite GPS, you get to precisely track your every day activities like steps taken, distance covered and so on. Be it heart rate or blood oxygen saturation levels – you can track it all with this on your wrist. The 90 sports modes give you precise metrics on your workout.

The watch is IP68 rated. So feel free to wash your hands while you still have your watch on as it is not gonna get affected by a few splashes of water.

That’s all!

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