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SEA: “Clickbait” Ads Now Banned On Google Ads

To improve its SEA platform, Google Ads very often updates its rules. In this sense, this time, the advertising network is attacking so-called “clickbait” advertisements. These advertisements, which are called clickbait in English or, more vulgarly, public ads, are based on the curiosity of Internet users. By using eye-catching titles and images, we play on the appetite of Internet users for scandalous and mysterious subjects, with the sole aim of encouraging them to click on the publication. The principle is the same in SEA advertising. But what processes do advertisers use to make clickbait?? We intend to explain this to you today before relaying Google’s announcement, which dealt with this subject.

What Is A “Clickbait” Ad?

In other words, they indirectly push the Internet user, visiting a page, to click thanks to messages and visuals encouraging the click. In general, there is often a financial interest in this. On the Internet, all means are reasonable to encourage Internet users to click and thus succeed in generating traffic on a platform. The titles are deliberately catchy or even sometimes provocative. They are turned so that they will appeal to the most curious readers. The very people who make up the vast majority of visitors to a platform. The titles are, therefore, sometimes catchy and mysterious, occasionally sensationalist. In the digital marketing sector, they can, for example, take these forms:

  • The secret to a 100% winning marketing strategy
  • The best way to generate more web traffic
  • How to turn your prospects into customers?
  • Seven Techniques to improve your customer knowledge
  • Top 10 of the best advertisements of the year.

This list of clickbait ads is, of course, far from exhaustive. And these catchy titles can sometimes be added visuals that will be just as much.

The Decision To Remove Clickbait Ads From Google Ads

The announcement was made in June on the interface dedicated to changes to the Google Ads platform . Indeed, the latter has updated, as usual, its operating regulations. The statement was also relayed through emails sent to Google Ads account holders. These different pieces of information specified, among other things, a few examples of “btcclicks” ads that are now prohibited. These are, in particular:

  • Clickbait advertisements use the negative impact that an event can have to promote a product or service offer that could be affiliated with it. This form of incitement to consumption, based on the fear and emotions of Internet users, is no longer accepted by the Internet giant. It will be, for example, for some to highlight a fatal accident to promote a life insurance service.
  • Those who use sensationalist images or texts are also banned from the platform. This will be all the advertisements that claim to reveal exclusive, untold secrets, scandals, and many more.
  • The announcement goes even further, more than it adds to this list of examples, advertisements of people presenting erroneous “before and after.” This type of advertising aims to generate as many customers as possible for the platform that offers a revolutionary diet or cosmetic surgery with incredible effects.

Since the announcement made a month ago, Google Ads has implemented its new rules. Our SEA agency keeps you regularly informed of all the digital news. In terms of paid referencing, we provide you with our best experts. So call on digital strategy specialists to carry out your various advertising campaigns on the web!

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