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DaaS Provides Low-cost Virtual Workspaces That Are Secure And Easy To Set Up

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have embraced the work from home or remote work culture. But it is a must to have certain tools to make the remote work culture easier.

In this manner, the job can be done with ease. You can opt for the DaaS (Desktop as a Service), where cloud-based providers deliver virtual desktops to users all over the internet.

The provider ensures that the backend is handled for small businesses without being exorbitant or resource-consuming. You can attain back-ups, maintenance, data storage with the help of the desktop as a service. You can handle the applications and services separately, or you can ask your service provider to manage them.

Well, there are two different types of desktop, namely persistent and non-persistent. Persistent desktops are expensive and need more storage space compared to non-persistent desktops.

Plus, you can customize the desktops as per your needs and requirements. Whenever you login into the desktop, it will look exactly how you want it to be. With non-persistent desktops, the desktops will be wiped each time you log out, making a way to access shared cloud computing services.

Your cloud service provider will allow you to choose from either one of the desktops. You can choose the ones that are low in cost and are effortless to set up.

But you must be wondering about the advantages of choosing a low-cost virtual workspace? And if they are sufficiently secured and easy to set up? So, you can read on to know what makes the desktop as a service the most effective tool for your organization or business.

Is desktop as a service a low-cost virtual workspace?

Building an effective IT infrastructure helps support the remote workforce. Plus, it provides flexibility to help companies save money and time. Hence, many companies prefer the desktop as a service or the virtual desktops and embrace information technology modernization.

As per a website, 87 percent of companies utilize a combination of cloud-based and on-premises infrastructure. It is possible to optimize the resources and build up the company’s digital infrastructure with the DaaS. In this manner, the hardware capital expenditure can be reduced by 56 percent every year.

Generally, the IT department updates the software and application every month or year, which can cost your business and might be time-consuming.

With desktop as a service, you can ensure that the cloud service provider will manage all the updates allowing the departments to work on other tasks. The efficiency of the employees will increase when the connection of the desktop as a service is reliable.

You can also ensure that the IT efficiency will improve, reducing the cost considerably. Due to the reliability and ease of use, the help-desk calls are reduced by approximately 33 percent.

Is desktop as a service secure and easy to set up?

DaaS is completely easy to set up since the cloud service provider hosts the network resources, infrastructure, and storage in the cloud allowing the virtual desktop to stream. In this manner, the user can access the applications and data of the desktops from anywhere.

Hence, it is easy to set up and access. The desktop as a service comes with enhanced security. After all, the data is stored within the data center, making the security risks significantly lower.

In case your mobile or laptop with confidential data is stolen, you can make sure that the service on that particular laptop is disconnected. It allows your sensitive data to be secured from the thief.

You can easily install the updates and security patches on the desktop as a service environment. Furthermore, these updates can be installed from any remote location.

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