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Digitizing Business Processes: How?

We have talked many times about the digitization of company documents and workflow, but the actual process with which it should take place is not yet evident. The main goal of all companies should be to make processes within the company completely digital. This can only bring more efficiency, provided that the approach is innovative and structured. In this article, we want to explain that more is needed to go digital with a logical plan: it is not enough to transport all the old dust into virtual folders. It would be like proposing the same job, having only gained some more space in the office. Let’s understand something more together.

What Happens In Today’s Offices?

To support our analysis, we also have a recent market report which highlights the following data:

  • 70% of documentation is simply digitally reproduced from analog.
  • 20% of employees’ time in the office is spent searching for the documents above, asking colleagues for information, and searching through folders.
  • 46% of sensitive information is often collected in standard spreadsheets and, therefore, easy to hack.

On IT security, in particular, another great parenthesis should be opened as it has increasingly become a problem for companies to fight in recent years. In the meantime, it is clear that continuing to take files, save them, duplicate them and share them indefinitely is dangerous for anyone. There is also the risk of running into data protection problems: think of the sensitive data you have in Excel regarding your customers or employees if a hacker who managed to steal all this information could be subject to a ransom request or directly disclosed to third parties.

What Is Smart Document Management?

Document management should follow an intuitive structure for the user, creating a system capable of linking different documents, which, however, fall within the same theme so that the user can search for everything quickly and easily. This also allows the possibility of merging data taken from company management and data instead taken from email and text documents. Two different data types cross each other. A well-organized workflow is also essential for a company, especially for activities in which the basic processes could be better structured or more delicate.

Let’s think about creating a contract: it is often drawn up several times, sent, and modified over time. The error can always be at the gate. But with an intelligent workflow, each action can be traced so that the documents are archived automatically with the electronic storage system. All these are thanks to ever more competitive technology. Among these technologies, we can mention the digital signature, a tool capable of removing any spatial barrier between the subjects involved in the signature. We at Copying deal with digitization for companies at 360°: from the digital signature to the implementation of intelligent document management methods.

Digital Transformation: How To Manage Document Flows

The first step for the digitization of companies concerns the management of document flows , particularly digital document management. Records address a crucial component for each organization and should be made quickly accessible to all who need to utilize them. Setting up a computerized report on your organization’s organizational framework implies having the option to depend on a boundless chronicle containing filed, chronicled, and recorded computerized records. Along these lines, they can be recovered rapidly utilizing instinctive hunt keys.

The digitization of company documents is strongly correlated to the digitization and optimization of company processes. It is difficult to give life to the digitization of business processes if no action has been taken on the structure of business information flows first – if the document flows have not been dematerialized. The documents produced in the company are a fundamental part of every process, capable of concretely fueling your business. Supporting you in this step is our goal. For this, we have made the document management software DocuWare available. You don’t have to worry about making any mistakes. This software will also allow you to regain all the time lost managing all your business documents.

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