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Eight Benefits Of Technology For Companies

Technological advances have brought many benefits to companies, such as:

  • Efficiency and dynamism in business
  • Agility in decision-making
  • Restructuring based on technology

But do you know how to use technologies to run your business?

In addition to those already mentioned above, in this context, we list eight benefits that will bring more results and, above all, profit.


The first and most exciting benefit for the entrepreneur is cost reduction. This is undoubtedly a great goal to be achieved.

It is essential for the financial health of the company. But there are other important things.


Technology helps a lot in productivity gains. Through it, it is possible to deliver more with the same or even fewer resources.

This happens because there is a drop in waste and an increase in the standardization of production. Consequently, deviations are minimal, reducing rework and final production time.


Process automation makes work faster and more efficient, freeing employees to be more creative and strategic. In this way, there is a greater use of the human factor.


Quality control with the help of management software for managing large amounts of data allows for more personalized and satisfactory service.

In addition, the best software identifies failures in processes, which allows for correcting, improving, and delivering more consistent results. By the way, here at Mitis, the Quality team has increasingly better results.


Technology improves personnel management, directing the Human Resources department towards new hires, monitoring performance, and maintaining good practices, among other activities.

Data Management

The information generated allows managers to make business decisions. And the greater the amount of data, the easier decision-making will be, reducing the margin of error. This improves the profitability and longevity of the business. But to make the team more powerful use special tools and create QR codes free that will help to get more about data management of the company.


Good communication between the various levels of the organizational chart promotes greater fluidity in the work, more alignment, and greater adherence to the company’s objectives. The result? Profit.


It’s access to data from wherever you are through the cloud! This reduces the need for the manager to be present inside the company to analyze this data; all you need is a good smartphone and a quality connection.

These actions are possible due to a management platform, which stores and crosses customer data, such as items or services purchased, name, address, date of birth, whether or not you have a pet, and so on.

But How Does This Happen?

Companies use a CRM, the acronym used for Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management.

The system crosses all kinds of information about customers and suppliers and notifies you when to offer your product, service, or birthday greetings, among other things.

With a good CRM, you can:

  • Carry out all the company’s accounting
  • Monitoring the productivity of the team
  • Sales and after-sales management
  • Generation and monitoring of service orders
  • Financial control and commissioning of the team
  • Automatic completion of the commercial proposal
  • Customer screen integrated with the Federal Revenue Service and Google Maps
  • Sending email marketing
  • Call center control

And What Is All This For?

This information and many others that the CRM brings about your customers and suppliers provide greater decision-making capacity for your business.

Whether it’s time to buy more material for stock and how much to buy for that product or whether to do a specific marketing action, for example.

Gathering company information in real-time, regardless of the platform you are using and wherever you are, is a massive advantage over the competition.

And How Does It Help Me?

  • Assertiveness and speed in management decisions;
  • Knowledge of your company’s numbers in real-time at any day and time, even on weekends and holidays;
  • Real-time team management. A differential for those who know the value of their team;
  • And the main thing: economy, with the most rational allocation of resources.
  • All these are advantages you have when implementing a CRM in your company.

Therefore, if you want to put your company on that same level, hire a CRM service to call yours! With it, your business will get on track and take off like a rocket.


In recent years, the so-called Industry 4.0 has been leading humanity toward a digital revolution, and this transformation is not just another option; it has become a necessity.

And here at, our most significant commitment is to continuously develop the best tools and solutions for each customer profile, regardless of their line of business.

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