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Five Questions You Need To Ask A Fleet Graphics Company

If you’ve driven on the road long enough, you’ve probably seen a vehicle with fleet graphics designs on it. You can often see these designs on large semi-trucks. When the designs are done effectively, having fleet graphics can be a useful way for a business to get good exposure while on the road. It can sometimes be a challenge to know what to inquire about when choosing a company for fleet graphics. Here are some helpful questions you can ask to help you decide on a fleet graphics company.

1. How Long Will The Vehicle Be Out Of Service?

When you’re getting fleet graphics on one of your company vehicles, that means you won’t be able to use it for business until the work is completed. As all business owners know, time is an important factor in making money. See if you can find a graphics provider that will allow you to keep your vehicle on the road by having the work done during off-hours. A good company will do its best to accommodate the needs of your business.

2. What Certifications Do The Installers Have?

With any service you need to be done for your business, you should always have a qualified professional complete the job. Two vehicle graphics installation certification programs you should be aware of are the Professional Decal Application Alliance and the United Applications Standards Group. Both of these programs require individuals to do extensive testing and training. PDAA offers basic and master certification. PDAA notes that individuals with these certifications can perform vehicle wraps with complex curves. Be sure to ask about the certifications of the company you’re considering hiring to do your fleet graphics.

3. How Long Will The Process Take?

The amount of time it takes to get your fleet graphics done may vary between company to company. In general, it likely won’t be done overnight, but it should get done within a few weeks of your order. Custom graphics will usually take about two to three weeks to be produced. All of it will depend on the size of the graphics, the quantity, and the production method. Other factors, such as removing old graphics and whether you plan to have a full wrap or partial wrap, will affect timing. There are a few things a business can do to shorten the time that will be needed to complete the job. Companies should try to have a design or message in mind before the process starts. Multiple design changes won’t only take more time, but may also cost more. You should be as detailed as possible about your expectations, and give complete and accurate information about your vehicle.

4. How Do I Maintain My Vehicle Graphics?

Certain cleaning methods, such as using a power washer, can potentially damage the fleet graphics you’ve had installed. It’s important to ask the graphics provider for information on taking care of the graphics. Remember that keeping it clean will help maintain the bright and new appearance of your vehicle graphics. Be sure to continuously clean off-road containments, dirt, and solvent. Allowing harsh chemicals such as road salt to build up will diminish the surface of your vehicle. You should also make sure to wash off any tree sap, bird droppings, and other stains. Additionally, never use abrasive cloths or cleaners. Instead, opt for citrus-based cleaners when removing tough stains such as bird droppings. Avoid having the vehicle cleaned with automated brush car washes. In general, hand washing is best. All fuel spills should be rinsed off the car immediately. Use high-quality waxes, and when the vehicle is done being used for business, have it stored inside or covered.

5. How Long Will The Material Be Guaranteed?

With less expensive materials, they’ll generally be guaranteed for only one to two years. If you have a three to five-year vehicle lease, that short amount of time might not be satisfactory. Nonetheless, other materials can be guaranteed for three to seven years. It can be helpful to work with a company that has access to a variety of material choices.

Fleet Graphics Tips To Follow

1. Match Your Brand

Make sure the color, font, and logos on your fleet graphics match your existing brand image on your website or social media. You may not get a 100% match, but you want to make sure it’s recognizable enough. Ask your family or friends if they immediately recognize your company vehicle belongs to your business when they look at it. Remember that advertising on a vehicle is just like any other kind of advertising. The strong brand identity has to remain consistent with the consumer. If your company vehicles have different graphics and color schemes, the consumers may not consistently identify your brand.

2. Attract Attention

Consumers see advertisements almost everywhere these days. Driving on the road alone, you’ll see advertisements on billboards, signs, and vehicles. Given all of the competition a business is surrounded by, it’s that much more important to make your fleet graphics stand out. One way your design can stand out is through reflective graphics. Some research has found it can potentially boost impressions up to 40 percent compared to more traditional graphics. Look into using reflective graphics such as cut letters or decals.

3. Keep Your Graphics Clean

Graphics that are well-maintained are important for portraying your brand positively. Non-vinyl and vinyl wraps that aren’t regularly cleaned will give off a negative impression of your brand. The graphics should also be kept up to date and fresh as your branding continues to evolve. Keep a record of the life cycle of your graphics and update them as recommended by your manufacturer.

Getting fleet graphics through a professional company can help increase the awareness of your brand. Ask any crucial questions you have to make an informed decision. Making an informed decision will give you the best chance of being satisfied with the graphics you’ve completed on your vehicle.

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