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Four Free Spell Checkers To Avoid Mistakes

Are spelling mistakes one of your main fears when communicating? Regularly use a concealer. It will help you avoid the most unfortunate typos. Whether it’s your work emails, the letters you write or any message you type on the computer, do you often doubt the spelling of words and the construction of your sentences? It is normal to wonder about this, especially when you know how complicated the English language can be to understand. There are several, usually freely available on the web. Of course, if you want more support in optimizing your written content, you can bet on paid and complete software (or on the Premium version of one of these apps).


In the sphere of free spell checkers with no time limit, MerciApp is often cited. The free version includes a web browser extension, basic spelling and grammar analysis, and double spaces. It has an integrated dictionary, and it can give you statistics. The paid version provides access to other options, such as improving the style or even typographical preferences and corrections on Google Docs. It can be tested for free for your first 14 days if you wish. MerciApp is a spelling and grammar checker in French only. It can correct any text of your choice. Try it for free.

  • Downloads: 669
  • Release date: 03/12/2022
  • Author: ThanksApp
  • License: Demonstration
  • Categories: Office – Education


Free, open-source software, Grammalecte, can be downloaded from its publisher’s website, which invites users to make donations to finance the project. Integrating its grammatical engine, this program makes it possible to distinguish a maximum of errors relating to punctuation, spacing, agreements, conjugation or even confusions, homonyms and other pleonasms. Rather than complete, this program allows you to activate or deactivate the search for certain categories of errors according to your needs and preferences. It integrates three dictionary versions (Classic, Reform 1990 and All variants) and has a practical conjugator. Grammalecte is a grammatical and spelling correction module capable of perfectly managing English and its specificities.

  • Downloads: 511
  • Release date: 02/22/2021
  • Author: Oliver R.
  • License: Free Software
  • Categories: Office – Education
  • Operating system: Mozilla Firefox extension


Available as a Google Chrome extension and on the App Store, LanguageTool is a very intuitive grammar and spelling tool. Its distributors have fostered a few modules that can be incorporated into the most generally utilized programming, like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or even GoogleDocs. Creating a LanguageTool account and accessing the tool’s main features are free. After that, you can opt for the Premium formula, which integrates other options and allows you to refine your style. LanguageTool is a very advanced grammar and spelling correction tool that works perfectly in English and other languages. A free version exists.

  • Downloads: 222
  • Release date: 28/11/2022
  • Author: OpenSource LanguageTool Community
  • License: Free Software
  • Categories: Office – Education

Good Boss

Although its interface is a little less ergonomic than LanguageTool or MerciApp, BonPatron presents itself as a very good spell checker, which is accessible free of charge (limited number of characters to correct on the free version). In use, BonPatron is particularly good at seeing mistakes and detecting inconsistencies in the text while being generally very easy to handle.

Do you have doubts about the spelling and grammatical quality of your texts? With BonPatron, please go check it out immediately.

  • Downloads: 79
  • Release date: 09/19/2017
  • Author: Nadaclair Language Technologies Inc.
  • License: Commercial License
  • Categories: Office

A good spell checker will never replace real proofreading: as far as possible, combining the two is in your best interest to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

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