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Free And Paid SEO & Web Marketing Tools (2020)

Looking for a list of the best SEO tools (or best web marketing tools)?

Then you will be served!

In this article, I have listed no less than 15 free and paid SEO & Web marketing tools.

To facilitate your search, you will only have to use the filter system below.

1. SEMrush

This is the SEO tool of the moment.

SEMRush is extremely complete and efficient and available.

This guide will teach you how to manage all of your SEO with Semrush.

Among the multitude of features it offers, it will allow you (among others) to obtain detailed information on your competitors’ strategies in terms of display advertising, organic and paid search and link building.

In a few clicks, you will know all the winning keywords used by your competitors and understand how they manage to generate more traffic than you.

You can then discover a multitude of ideas for content to create and keywords to use.

2. Ahref

This tool has the largest database of inbound links on the market.

It allows you to audit the inbound links (backlinks) of all your competitors in order to know all the best links to create for your site.

You can also analyze your own site in order to know its backlink profile (number of inbound links, origin, broken links, etc.).

In short, a really essential toolbox that I use every day.

3. WebMeUp

The free version allows you to analyze your backlinks profile (see all inbound links on your site) and that of your competitors.

WebMeUp doesn’t have as big a database as Ahrefs but does have a bit different backlinks, so it’s worth taking a look.

4. BacklinkChecker

Link building is essential for increasing the authority of a site.

Sitechecker has a specialized tool called Backlink Checker.

The link checker shows:

  • the total number of outgoing links,
  • the number of referring domains,
  • Nofollow and Dofollow links,
  • evaluating the distribution of URLs and domains;
  • the number of referring IPs.

This is necessary to audit a site and compare it with the competition

5. WooRank (Chrome extension)

Add the extension to your Chrome browser and enter your competitor’s site.

The tool will tell you its Facebook and Twitter pages, the technology it uses, and an estimate of its traffic.

6. Aweber

Aweber is a very complete and powerful tool, used by many marketers, but as said above, it is not adapted to the French market – except if it doesn’t matter to you that your readers see English text here. , by there… (non-editable text). For my part, I do not find it very professional. On the other hand, if you do not master English, it will be laborious.

7. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot provides access to dozens of free CRM and Marketing features.

You can work as a team and create your list of contacts, send up to 2000 emails/month, access the drag-and-drop email builder and other models to automate your emailing campaigns… among others.

All this in unlimited and in French, it is really to discover.

8. Google Keyword Planning

The Google keyword research tool is fully accessible, only if you have a Google Adwords account.

It can help you find a wide range of keyword ideas and related data that you can use for content marketing and SEO, or for your Adwords campaigns.

The only problem is that it only allows you to see keywords that are very close to what you typed… (no “broad match” available).

In addition, it does not make it possible to distinguish the search volume according to the types of devices.

9. Keywords Everywhere

This Chrome (or Firefox) extension lets you know the search volume, Cost Per Click (CPC), and data relating to competitors.

You can use it on all of your favourite sites, like Google, eBay, Amazon, Answer the Public, Keyword Shitter, and more.

This means that you can combine for example “Keyword Shitter” with “Keywords Everywhere”. this will give you the search volume for all the keywords generated excellent!

10. KWFinder

This keyword research tool helps you identify the best long-tail keywords for your business.

It is a great alternative to Google’s keyword planner since it is able to show the exact monthly search volume, as well as other useful SEO metrics.

When you enter a keyword, you can select a language (including French), and target your search to a country or a city.

The tool will then list you a ton of long-tail keywords related to your search, along with their search volume, CPC and more.

11. Google Search Console

A suite of tools provided by Google, which inform you for example about your duplicated meta data, your number of indexed pages, security problems.

Also, know the keywords on which you rank 1st and those on which a little SEO can get you above the 10th position.

12. SEO Tools For Excel

A great plugin (extension) for Excel that allows you to extract a large amount of data and metrics.

This tool can even connect to your Google Analytics account in order to create ultra-powerful dashboards.

It was free, but it is no longer.

13. Moz

Moz is a classic among comprehensive SEO toolkits.

It’s not the cheapest but you can opt for a 30-day free trial or even create an account and use their freemium services, namely:

  • Link Explorer (10 queries and 50 rows of data per query each month),
  • Keyword Explorer (10 additional requests on the same account),
  • and MozBar (metrics bar directly integrated into your Chrome browser).

14. BuzzBundle

Developed by the SEO Powersuite team, this tool can dramatically and easily increase your popularity on the Web.

It gives you access to all comments and discussions in forums, blogs, social networks, Q / A sites according to the keywords you enter.

Imagine how much you can find your audience and increase your traffic day after day.

15. HootSuite

Allows you to manage your social networks Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

You can, among other things, plan the dates and times to post your content on social networks.

Give it a try!

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