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Google Applications To Use For Project Management

We need to show you the Google applications that can improve the existence of your organization and its task for the executives. We have proactively informed you regarding the 7 delicate abilities that an undertaking chief should have, so today, we need to discuss applications that can help you in a project with the executives. Specifically, we need to show you the Google applications that run with the guide of the venture administrator, which is essential for the Google Suite.

It offers the likelihood to oversee colleagues from a distance, in this manner particularly appropriate for off-site project administrators. In addition, the suite is viable with the best venture in board programming today. Among the devices made accessible by the Mountain View organization, we find, for instance, Google reports, Google Sheets, Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail. We need to guess that every device is accessible for PC, cell phone, and tablet, which offers you the agility of the executives and conference that ought to be considered carefully.

So we should find every one of the principal applications and their utilization inside the project.

Google Docs

Otherwise called Google Docs, the application is a content manager accessible for PCs, cell phones, and tablets. Composing reports and archives is fundamental for checking and conveying the venture’s advancement to your group. Project supervisors are continuously searching for instruments to develop the work insight along these lines further. Google Docs is one of the most versatile content tools available, and it’s free. The primary prerequisite is a Google account, which you likely as of now have. The application is helpful for project executives essentially for two reasons:

  • The texts are consequently saved in the cloud, so it isn’t challenging to lose your archives;
  • You can make the archive you are chipping away at apparent and editable through authorizations. You could compose on a similar paper simultaneously.
  • Like this, Google Docs is a helpful instrument for your undertakings. It saves you time and removes any concern regarding the fast indexing and altering of archives.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets, also called Google Sheets, are the alternative to Microsoft Excel. Like Docs, sheets have auto-save to the cloud via Google Drive. Spreadsheets are the primary tool in project management, so we are sure you will like to know that the application is free and easily integrated with the best software. Google Sheets is also compatible with Excel, making it easy to consult and modify the project through different software. And you will have no more worries about compatibility. Another interesting detail, as is already the case with Google Docs, is sharing the project with team members and the possibility to consult and modify it in real-time.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the document storage cloud application that the company offers. Drive has a free plan of 15 GB, which can be expanded through various subscriptions. Its operation is effortless: it stores the essential documents that you derive from your project management. Also, you can share folders with your team, who can access, save or edit documents. In addition, Drive allows you to share documents with people who are not part of the team, such as the company’s owner for which you are managing the project, thus making it easy to consult and monitor the work. There are 5 reasons why it is helpful to have a corporate backup in the cloud.

Google Calendar

The Calendar is a fundamental aspect of project management, as it is an essential tool for planning and time management. Google Calendar has a simplified graphic interface, which allows you to carry out your work assisted by a visual component that facilitates consultation.

You can enter reminders, mark deadlines, and assign specific tasks in the Google calendar. Additionally, Calendar is integrated with Gmail, so you can send emails to inform the team of additions and changes.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a generally remote device for most venture supervisors. Yet, the application is convenient for your work, particularly when you want to monitor the task progress done by your group. Keep is a straightforward plan and permits you to monitor the activities during the task with your gathering continuously.


Gmail is the mailing tool of the Google suite. Its operation is classic and straightforward, but compared to its competitors, it has two peculiarities:

  • It has 15 GB of storage, so you don’t have to worry about mailbox space
  • It allows you to send emails up to 25 MB in weight

Gmail also allows you to create categories; this will enable you to catalog the emails received from your database. For example, you can create a category that welcomes the emails received from your graphic design team, allowing you a straightforward and fast consultation of what you need. A lot of time saved, in the long run!

Google Chat And Meet

Both written and audiovisual, quick and agile communication is essential in project management. Google offers two applications that we recommend you use in combination: Chat and Meet. Chat is a real-time text communication tool that allows you to write to your team members. It also allows you to create different chats, allowing you to communicate directly with the various sections of your team without distracting uninterested people. The last of the Google applications for Project Management is Meet, which allows you to start group video calls, essential for meetings. The Whiteboard is integrated into the application, which enables you to take notes in real-time and share them with meeting members.

Google Project Management: Are Applications Useful?

We have shown you the Google applications useful for project management. The peculiarity of the Gsuite is the complete integration of the different tools, the sharing in real-time, and the versatility they offer, and they are free, an aspect that should not be underestimated when you have to contain costs. Furthermore, if you have a company with a small investment, you can integrate a lot of other functions such as the custom mail domain, storage space, and much more. Therefore, the answer is yes: they are helpful for project management!

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