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Here Are The Benefits Of Using White Label SEO

If you’re running a boutique marketing company, you might struggle to give your clients all the SEO services they need. SEO is more complicated than just using the right keywords. You need the experience and expertise of people who have been working in the field for years, and those kinds of professionals can be expensive to hire in-house.

But you don’t need a stable of freelancers or a multi-person, in-house SEO team. You can meet your clients’ SEO needs with white label SEO or SEO reselling. With SEO reselling, you hire a white label SEO agency to produce SEO deliverables on your company’s behalf. You can get all the benefits of offering your clients SEO services, with none of the drawbacks that come with producing those deliverables yourself in-house.

Meet Your Clients’ Needs with Optimum Scalability

White labeling is a common practice for brands who want to increase the range of products and services they offer to their customers without taking on the burden of manufacturing those products themselves. Many brands in the electronics and software spaces use white labeling; they contract with third-party manufacturers who build their products, then they just put their own brand labels on them for sale. It’s a common practice in the retail space, too – big box stores and grocery stores with their own “store brands” are actually practicing white labeling. Those store brand products are made by third-party manufacturers and rebranded by the retailer.

Companies do this because it makes meeting customer demands easier. Brands are able to offer more products, and they’re able to use economies of scale to produce them more cheaply than they would be able to do themselves. SEO resellers do the same thing in the SEO space. You can work with a white label SEO agency to produce all the SEO products your customers need, like keyword research, content creation, on-page and off-page optimization, report generation, pitching, and more. The agency does all the SEO work, then you just put your brand on it and resell it. Your contract will include a white label license, a non-disclosure agreement, and provisions for the ownership of intellectual property rights.

Avoid the Hassle and Cost of Hiring SEO Professionals

Doing your own SEO services in-house requires an entire SEO staff, and these professionals don’t come cheap. You need the expertise of dedicated, experienced SEO staff, but you don’t need the expense of paying several more salaries, not to mention the costs of recruitment, training, software subscriptions, and office space.

SEO resellers can avoid these costs by using white label SEO services. It’s a lot cheaper to buy SEO services from a white label agency and resell them than it is to hire your own staff to do the work. For example, if one of your clients needs blog posts, a white label SEO agency can write them for you, and sell them to you for a flat rate for you to use under your brand. Other services you can buy to resell to your clients include off- and on-page SEO, keyword research, SEO reports, and backlink building.

The best part is once you sign a contract with a white label SEO company, you’ll have access to a team of SEO specialists to do whatever work your clients need, and you won’t have to put in the time or money to hire people or to keep them around. They’ll be there right away, and a good company will have the capacity to handle whatever work volume you have, so you can scale your business up at a minimal cost to yourself.

Manage Your Own Costs

SEO resellers are able to offer their clients an expanded number of services, while still managing their own costs. Most white label SEO agencies will sell you services at a monthly rate, based on how many hours of service you want each month, but many will also sell by the project or deliverable if that’s better for your business. Either way, you’ll know how much you can expect to pay for SEO services for your clients, and that’ll make it easier to budget the rest of your money and easier to know what your profit margins are going to be.

SEO reselling makes it possible for smaller marketing companies to offer their clients full SEO services, without the hassle and expense of hiring new staff. Take advantage of the benefits of SEO reselling and take your company to the next level.

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