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Here’s What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is one of the menaces of the internet world that unfortunately a lot of people have been affected with. Over 35% of the total businesses and organizations were hit by ransomware attacks in 2021, a number that is expected to rise in upcoming years.

That is why you should be vigilant and protect yourself from ransomware attacks in 2022. For that, we’re sharing some tips and tricks that you can apply and get sorted for good. Again, being vigilant is the key here, so make sure you get all these points noted for remembrance. Let’s get started:

Get A Security Suite

One of the best steps you can take to mitigate ransomware attacks in 2022 is by acquiring a robust security suite. Security suites come with integrated features that are designed to mitigate and eliminate instances of the latest internet problems.

You can search the market for the latest security suites or even better get one from your internet provider. We recommend one from ATT Internet services that you can get and be worry-free for good. The security suite comes with amazing protective features, especially for protecting users from ransomware, spyware, etc.

Otherwise, you’ll have to scratch through the market to find a good one for yourself. Make sure to get a paid version and check for updates so that your suite doesn’t become outdated, resulting in poor protection against online troubles.

A good security suite comes with multiple features that are designed to give the best protection based on the ongoing online menaces. You can even subscribe to a service, test it out and if it fits your needs, get it permanently subscribed for as long as you want.

Never Open Suspicious Emails

Most malware is placed in emails as attachments and then send to random users. Based on this information, the following questions can arise in the first place:

  • How did the hacker get access to your email?
  • How can they know what to send that is click-worthy?

The answer to the first question is every site and application that you’ve entered your email on. Most of these sites don’t even have proper security and some of them often sell user information to bidders or access it themselves.

The answer to the second question is based on the way you interact online. It’s pretty common and based on what you’re querying online, the hackers assimilate what you’ve been up to and send relevant email context.

The only thing that the hackers need to monitor is to create a click-worthy context. For instance, hackers can track that you’ve been looking for bank loans or medical insurance. Keeping that in the context, they can send emails with malware attachments asking you to fill out the form to avail of exclusive discounts. Thus, beware of such tactics and delete such emails right away.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi and USB Sticks

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are like fish ponds for hackers to go fishing. Once connected, the hackers need to send a phishing attachment, message, or anything like that, for you to enter login credentials.

Once done, the hackers can enter and access your device’s information. It’s up to them what to do with the data. In most cases, the hackers will take the money and give partial or full data to the user. However, there’s no point in having it back again since they already have it and may have potentially created copies to extort money from you.

In addition to this, avoid using USB sticks in public spots or from anyone you don’t know. The USB stick may have built-in malware that can be used to access your device or even corrupt it, leaving a ransom note.

Download From Credible Sources

One of the many reasons why many users fall prey to ransomware attacks is that they don’t download files and resources from credible sources. No matter how urgently the resource is needed, you should download stuff only from reliable sites and sources.

The benefits?

  • Prevents phishing and ransomware attacks
  • Ensures the credibility of the platform for other users
  • Minimizes illegal means of exchanging information online
  • Prevents viruses from downloading alongside
  • Downloads original content

That is why you should pay attention to the source that you’re downloading from, as it will allow you to save yourself from potential chances of ransomware attacks. Moreover, you’ll find the complete resources from such sources, ultimately protecting your device from running into an issue during the execution of the downloaded program.


A good habit you can develop is using a VPN for masking and protecting your IP address. An IP address is like the address of your home, which makes it easier for identifying your presence on the internet and; thus easier to attack too.

That is why using a VPN is a good idea especially if you’re accessing public Wi-Fi. In doing so, you can opt for free versions or get a paid one depending upon your use. If you have a security suite that comes with a built-in VPN, then that’s even better!

Closing Notes

Online attacks are no joke and protecting yourself from them should be your priority. Therefore beware of the latest methods used by hackers for such purposes whilst adopting the abovementioned methods for protecting yourself. In addition, make sure you contact your internet provider for any security breaches so that any escalated matter can be dealt with almost immediately.

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