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How Can CRM Improve Customer Service Experience?

The need to improve customer experience is an aim every business keeps at the forefront of their goals. The reason as you know is simple. A business needs customers to survive and improving customer experience results in a stronger customer base.

Now, the first thing that comes to mind is “Why do I need to improve customer service experience?” or “How will it be beneficial to my business?”

With the rise in business and technological advancements comes a very saturated and extremely competitive market. To survive in this market, a business needs customers – loyal customers – to continue functioning properly and to keep up with the influx of competitors.

Having a good customer service experience will prove beneficial in the long run for any type of business. Satisfied customers can lead to not only an increase in sales but also an increase of customers as customers will begin recommending the business.

Customers will be less resistant to change and be willing to accept alternatives. The additional bonus of happy customers is less complaints which will allow a better work environment in the business as employees will be able to focus on the tasks then on dealing with angry customers.

Generally, the ideal and most efficient way of progressing this goal is through Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a tool designed specifically for interacting with customers.

Relationship Management: What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM, is an essential tool for every business. Why is that? As its name suggests, CRM is specially designed to help in improving customer relationships. It allows businesses of all types to manage their customer base and to improve the customer service experience.

A CRM application not only keeps records of all customer data, it also analyzes this data and categorizes it as efficiently as possible so that the business can differentiate potential clients from non-clients and focus on them.

Using the tool allows a business to follow those potential clients throughout their journey till they are officially considered a client. This process aids greatly in illustrating sales pipeline that benefit salespeople and sales managers.

CRM has multiple applications with the diverse data it stores and analyzes:

  1. Sales – CRM is widely used in this department as it allows sales managers to follow the fluctuations of sales, track employees, etc. to in the end optimize sales. This greatly conserves time and allows for effective management.
  2. Fundraising – Since CRM stores all customer data, when relating to fundraising, it will be used to store all donor data. Having all the data in one place can prove efficient when planning a fundraising strategy.
  3. Employee Recruitment – Using a recruitment based CRM, a business can control all its recruitment process from one place. Potential recruits can be found, their information be analyzed so as to scout out the best people fit for the business. Moreover all hiring activities can be handled through automated emails, approvals, etc.

Using a CRM to Improve Customer Service Experience

As we have established the benefits of CRM applications, let’s focus on how it can improve customer service experience. Our recommended CRM application is Covve, which is one of the simplest and user-friendly CRM available.

Covve’s high-end AI-powered engine helps to improve customer service experience in an efficient and systematic manner:

Regular and consistent Communication:

Covve ensures that automated reminders are created to notify the business on reaching out to customers so that the connection with customers is never lost. Sending regular professional emails to customers allows the customer to remain in touch with the business.


Automation is a very important part of Covve. Automated responses are instant and provide customers with reassurance that the business is organized. Automated emails of request receival or of frequently asked questions are good examples of this feature, plus it allows business to conserve time as well as promote good relation with customers.

Personalized Touch:

Covve offers automated emails to create custom fields, for example, sending an email using the customer’s first name instead of a generalized address to provide a personalized touch to the mail. Customers enjoy this small change as it makes them feel that the email was especially designed to be catered to them.

Availability of customer data:

Since Covve holds all customer data, it provides the business with notifications about the customer birthdays, sales and interests, which further allows the business to use the information to their advantage and send related mails and promotions to the customers.

Customer Support Options:

CRMs like Covve make sure that none of the customers enquiries ever goes unnoticed which further influences the customer experience positively.

Customer Needs:

A very advantageous factor of Covve is that it is entirely based on a smartphone and thus there is no wait to respond to customers asking about particular products or services. Timely response to customer queries are very much essential in improving customer experience.

How a CRM improves Customer Experience Overall

Beyond just improving customer service, the customer experience is supported by using a CRM application as customers benefit greatly from personalized interactions with a brand. This ensures that a strong and clear messenger is received by the customers from the business.

In so many ways, technology has removed the need for human interaction, but it has also helped to increase customer trust and provide a differentiating factor. This differentiating factor is what allows a customer to remain loyal to that certain business.

Bottom Line

Do check this list of CRM Applications for a detailed analysis on what factors need to be focused on when choosing the best software for your needs. The list even includes information on the Top Rated CRM softwares in the market!

The need to improve customer service experience is absolutely necessary in today’s competitive market and now that you know how CRM applications help in that matter, do not waste time and get a CRM software at your earliest convenience! Achieve your business goals and form a strong customer base! Download a CRM like Covve now!

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