How Do I Use Chat GPT At School?

If used consciously, ChatGPT is a chatbot that can help students in their learning journey. It is better to govern the phenomenon to make the best possible use of it in teaching.

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Helpful For Students?

Psychologists represent a valid support for governing innovation in teaching and training, especially today when we witness artificial intelligence developments. ChatGPT generates a scenario with still-confusing contours, causing both surprise and concern. In a few years, artificial intelligence will produce epochal changes that will once again modify our lifestyle. For this reason, it is fundamental to understand the phenomenon, govern it, and find the most appropriate ways to support students in dealing with future challenges.

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI and made available in November 2022. The software is a chatbot (i.e., a system capable of communicating with the user via chat), synthesizing vast data conversationally. Unlike a traditional search engine, the interaction closely follows the human one.

ChatGPT, besides providing information, can write an original text in the style of a poet or an author, provide advice, answer test questions, solve problems, write an elaborate text, and offer dozens of other possibilities. The GPT-4 version seems to promise an even more surprising development. Furthermore, AI (artificial intelligence) systems are capable of creating photos, images, videos, and music. Artificial intelligence is also significantly contributing in the medical and psychological fields.

ChatGPT: A New Helpful Tool For Teaching?

The media has focused on spreading sensationalist news on the fraudulent use of ChatGPT by talking about the various scams created thanks to AI, such as students copying or using this tool to do their homework. This vision, which emerges every time human beings face some technological revolution, is limiting and only risks spreading stereotypes and fueling prejudices about the digital world.

According to some, ChatGPT and, more generally, AI can represent an opportunity rather than a threat. To be best used, ChatGPT requires critical thinking from students, the ability to interact with AI systems, and the knowledge of how to write the command prompt effectively. These chatbots are not oracles or infallible tools. The integration of systems into study paths for artificial intelligence must be created with a specific project, exactly as happened with other technologies.

Practical Advice For Teachers On The Use Of ChatGPT In Schools

What are your educational and training goals? First, put your teaching and learning objectives at the center. Consider how to use ChatGPT in your classroom and help your students interact with the AI system. This could reinforce learning and help learners understand how to use this resource best. For example, teaching addition or other simple calculations is essential for learning how to use computers and traditional calculators best.

But when the calculation becomes more complex, using these tools allows you to free up cognitive resources and improve mathematics learning. The same thing goes for other disciplines, such as the humanities. Consider whether or not to introduce ChatGPT into your training path based on your objectives. Help your students develop critical thinking. An expert person can use ChatGPT by intercepting any errors and learning to interact best with the AI. A student might best use ChatGPT when she has already acquired familiarity with a specific topic.

A good way is to compare a text produced by AI with that written by a human to check for differences between the styles. It is important to remember that, for example, a theme or a thesis is not a simple synthesis of information already available but is a complex work that allows you to evaluate your ability to express logical thought. Assessments and exams: Every technology allows you to copy during an exam, and if your students have internet access, they can quickly consult ChatGPT.

This system can answer test questions, so it is best to avoid multiple-choice questions. Focus on creating a suitable relational climate with your class and motivating your students to engage in learning. Remind them that cheating using this chatbot means losing the ability to use AI best. Share learning objectives with your students. AI will continue to evolve rapidly and slowly; schools and universities will develop guidelines for its use. At this stage, the teacher must share the learning objectives with the students and explain how to use these resources best and when to avoid them.

For example, you could question your students, leaving them with the resources available to help them develop critical thinking and the ability to identify the information necessary to answer a question, even with the support of AI. Try using ChatGPT. The first fundamental step is to learn how a system like ChatGPT works. Take the time to experiment with AI yourself. Also, encourage fun use of AI, perhaps encouraging your students to create stories or write song lyrics based on the topics they need to explore.

The emotional and relational components are fundamental to learning processes. Artificial intelligence can help prepare students for the real world by encouraging critical thinking and having fun with digital technology. There are many use cases for GPT Chat in schools, so it is essential to delve into the pros and cons of using this digital innovation.

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