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Internal Links: How Does Digital Marketing Help Pump Your Backlinks?

What if we say that backlinks were once the main reason websites were evaluated for rankings? But do you know what backlinks are and how they can help boost your content marketing strategy?

Backlinks are just links positioned in a planned way within a text. They serve to guide the reader to your blog page or website with highly relevant content related to what is being read.

The primary purpose of backlinks is to expand user awareness – at the same time, you gain a considerable increase in traffic to your webpage.

The Importance Of Investing In Internal Links

A backlink is a well-known term for those who experience the wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Believe me: working well with your internal links helps A LOT (!) your SEO team to achieve a competitive ranking in the main search engines. The consequence?

Much More Visits Won Organically

This happens because search engines – read Google – give more credit and better qualify sites that work with a high value of backlinks. That is: internal links work as thermometers to measure the popularity and relevance of your page.

What Are The Main Types Of Backlinks?

Well, backlinks can be internal. This means that they link their content pages together, always maintaining relevance, to increase the user’s time on the blog.

On the other hand, external backlinks link your content to another website or blog. “But I don’t lose traffic doing this?” you might be thinking. No!

If you’re using an external backlink, chances are you don’t have content on that subject available on your blog.

This strategy serves much more to show Google that you’ve researched what you’re writing about than to “steal” your traffic.

No, Don’t Go Around Shoving Backlinks Indiscriminately Into Your Posts

No, don’t just go around putting backlinks where you want. Google knows when they’re being tricked – and that’s what makes ranking your site well a challenge.

The best we can do is to be aware of the link’s origin, ensure that the content is relevant, and have a certain degree of authority.

Partnerships with other blogs, guest posts, and quality content production are not your biggest allies in the backlink battle.

Ten Situations That Every Service Has Passed

1. When All Sectors Decide To Send Material For Approval

Who has never gone through the glorious moment of having the workday almost end and receiving a few dozen emails asking for customer approval? It’s part.

2. When You Get A Little Lecture… From Both Sides!

Anyone immersed in the service work knows – and is prepared – to take ear tugging on both sides. After all, you represent the company in customer meetings, and in internal meetings, you mean the customer.

3. Feeling Like A Shield

Taking ear tugs on both sides, you can consider yourself a shield or a filter.

4. Knowing The Customer Like No One Else

With so much time together going to meetings and making phone calls, no one knows the customer as you do, which can end up helping everyone when a more severe positioning question arises.

5. That After-Hours Call Or Early In The Morning

And from living with customers, calls arise at the most diverse and creative times possible. At 23:00? At 7 am? Who never, right?

6. The Butterflies In The Belly When Receiving Feedback

In addition, there is always that work that you and the team are very proud of, but when it’s time to approve it with the client, that butterflies in your stomach with the fear that a change order will come.

Meetings Are Part Of Everyday Life In Digital Marketing Companies

7. When You Are Going To The Sixth Meeting Of The Day

Sometimes all the client meetings you attend happen to be on the same day…an hour apart.

8. Or When You Start Your Day By Going To A Meeting

There is nothing better to wake you up than to start your day by going to a meeting!

9. Feeling Too Fancy When Traveling For Work

There is nothing better than taking the opportunity to meet the client and get to know another city, state, or even another country—things of successful executives.

Last But Not Least

10. Endless Attempts To Balance Customer Orders With Team Possibilities

What is suitable for the client does not always match the day-to-day possibilities of the team and vice versa. It’s up to the customer service staff to find that middle ground and please everyone in the best possible way. Is it easy? Not. But it’s definitely worth the challenge!

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