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Experience Marketing: How To Apply It In Your Sales Strategy?

With the world becoming increasingly digital, the way of shopping has changed, and, as a result, the method of captivating customers has also changed. It is in this context that experience marketing has gained prominence.

As the digital market is much more competitive, it is up to companies to think of actions that stand out and draw the attention of their target audience.

To learn more about what it is and the advantages of using experiential marketing in your sales strategy, keep reading this article!

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experience marketing consists of strategies that aim to attract, engage and retain customers through emotions. This type of marketing focuses on delivering memorable experiences to potential customers.

In this way, the proposal is to establish effective bonds with the customer, reinforce the brand and work on its relevance. The aim is for people to remember the brand through sensory stimuli.

It doesn’t necessarily take a big budget to promote actions that excite, amuse and surprise customers. It is necessary to study the persona to know what she likes, why she chooses her company, and what impacts her decision-making.

Customer Relationship

As experiential marketing promotes interactions and bonds with potential customers, it is a significant influencer to make them brand ambassadors, engaged customers who positively promote their products or services.

Today, customers want to create connections with brands that match their values, humanized rather than romanticized. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the customer experience throughout the purchase journey.

Also, instead of just making ads, you need to think of ways to demonstrate to the customer how your product or service will positively impact their life.

Advantages Of Experience Marketing

Among the many advantages of experience marketing for the business, we can highlight:

Strengthens The Brand

With experience in marketing, it is also possible to better structure the company’s values and ensure that they are aligned with its target audience. This is of paramount importance because, as we said earlier, people want to feel connected and aligned with a brand.

Loyalty Customers

When we win over a customer, we make the product or service offered become a highlight in their life, making them trust the brand to the point of buying again.

Faced with the growing competitiveness in the market, being able to retain a customer is a significant positive point for your business.

Gera Feedbacks

A Gartner survey indicated that only 54% of marketing decisions are influenced by analytics. This shows that the sector needs to invest more at this point to gain market knowledge.

Feedback is of great importance in obtaining insights and, consequently, in improving processes. The more customers like your brand, the more they will give you feedback to improve your weaknesses.

Attracts New Customers

In addition, experiential marketing is a solid strategy to attract new customers who have not yet known your brand, not just because loyal customers will refer to you.

The adage of “first impression is what stays” may not be true every time, but we can’t deny that making a good first impression will significantly strengthen the chances of the customer remembering your brand.

When a surprise or emotion causes the first impression, keeping yourself in the customer’s memory is easier.

The Types Of Experience

Influencer marketing works from 5 types of experiences. See more below.


The sensory experience promotes an experience from the five senses: hearing, smell, sight, taste, and touch. In other words, the organism’s senses are activated in the background so that the audience remembers that experience.

We can give as an example the tasting of food or the smell of perfumes at the point of sale. In both cases, in the future, when the customer feels a similar taste or smell, he will remember the brand.


This type of experience consists of causing feelings and reflections in the audience about that experience, that is, touching emotions. Here we can mention emotional marketing actions, such as videos of special dates and retrospectives.


Cognitive experiences provide the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, think outside the box, and engage the audience’s creativity. In this type of experience, discussion of solutions and reflection are encouraged.

An example is this campaign by the company Ad Council. Behind a screen, it is possible to see the x-rays of some couples, who are the same, but when they come out from behind the screen, people watching on the street are surprised to realize that the teams are of different genders, ages, and races.


This type of experience encourages and challenges the public to put some action into practice. Activities such as spinning the wheel to take advantage of promotions or popping the balloon to receive prizes can be listed as an example.


In this type of experience, the intention is to cause a deeper connection with the audience through identification. That is, to make people see themselves in that and identify their values ​​in the brand.

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