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How To Build Customer Loyalty With A Mobile App: 6 Success Strategies

Mobile applications are already part of our day today. According to the sources in 2018, 60% of the people spend their time with their smartphones and using various types of apps, this represents an average of 3 hours a day and forecasts tell us that it will continue to grow in the next years.

Therefore, there are many companies that have seen the great potential and have decided to invest in mobile app development services. Do you already have your own app? If so, now is the time to think strategically: how to use apps to build customer loyalty. Because yes, with the applications you can achieve customer loyalty and increase the engagement of your brand.

Therefore, I am going to talk about 6 strategies that you can start implementing, today, with a mobile app. With these strategies, you will also understand what are the benefits of having an app.

6 Customer Loyalty Strategies Using Mobile App

Encouraging your customers to buy, but above all to return again and again, is easy if you put into practice these 6 success strategies.

1. Discounts With Download = More Downloads

Surely it has happened to you: you have downloaded an app because doing so received a discount. This is one of the strategies most used by businesses to encourage more downloads, and it works.

In the vast majority of cases, word of mouth plays a very important role, and it is that, if you are interested in that discount, most likely, it will interest your friends, family, coworkers … and then, you share it. Thus, during the hours or days that this discount lasts, the increase in downloads is very noticeable.

But you will also remove that app a few days after using that discount. You know why? Simply because they have not managed to build loyalty.

They had already managed to download the app, now the most important thing for them should be to ensure that you do not delete it and, above all, that you return to use their services or purchase one of their products. And here the following strategies come into play.

2. Push Notifications

One of the benefits offered by mobile applications is the sending of push notifications. This is one of the best ways to gain visibility among your customers, since these notifications are displayed on the screen of smartphones. Now, what you are going to show must generate interest in your audience or it will not do any good.

It is important that you know that you can send personalized push notifications, and thus segment your audience to send each one the most appropriate, depending on their behaviour, their last purchase … This increases the chances of opening those messages.

You can, for example, a few days after that discount associated with the download, offer free shipping with purchases over an amount you decide.

It’s a way of saying to the customer, ‘Hi, I’m still here and I care about you!’ The action may not end in purchase but surely visit your app again.

Push notifications have great power, so you should start using them. In addition, thanks to geolocation you can establish specific geographic areas and you could schedule the sending of those notifications when they are close to your establishment, or even when they are close to your competition.

3. Special Promotions

Black Friday, Christmas, winter or summer sales, the company’s anniversary, the birthday of your customers … Any date indicated is suitable to launch a special promotion through your mobile application.

With these types of strategies, the client will feel more valued and you will be achieving loyalty in addition to generating greater engagement with your brand.

We receive an endless number of impacts a day, so you have to stand out and the audience pays attention to your business. Special promotions create a feeling of loss and nobody likes to lose something. Even when you didn’t need that product, consumption increases, simply because you don’t miss that opportunity, that special offer.

Taking advantage to congratulate a customer’s birthday by giving an additional discount, or a special promotion, for example, a 2×1, will get them to access your app, visit you and if what you offer really interests them, they will end up buying. On many occasions, they will make a higher purchase than they would have done without a special promotion.

4. Reward Your Best Clients: Accumulation Of Points

Not all clients are created equal. And for that, you have to reward the most faithful. It is a very good strategy to prevent them from leaving, but above all to generate a good public opinion. That client will speak highly of your company or business if he feels cared for and special. Good user experience is essential to build loyalty.

How could you do it?

  • With loyalty cards that accumulate digital stamps with each purchase, after the ‘X’ number of purchases, they can unlock their surprise gift, which can range from a discount to a free item, for example. or special promotion.
  • You can also use the QR codes and include them in the purchase tickets. In this way you get, on the one hand, that they download the app if they did not already have it, and on the other hand, that they use it to scan that code and unlock a special offer that is hidden behind it.

5. Promotions in RSS

Social networks are on our site, so take advantage of them to advertise your business, to make yourself known and also as a strategy to achieve an increase in the downloads of your app. Through them, you can publish a special offer and make it more widely available. To get it, users will have to download your application and log in.

6. Reviews – Improved Reputation And ASO Positioning

The ASO positioning, also known as the SEO of the apps, helps them appear among the top positions in the stores of the main operating systems such as Google Play or AppleStore.

Getting good opinions will favour the rise of positions and as a consequence, the number of downloads will increase. In the end, it is like the ‘whiting that bites its tail’, using some of the previous strategies you will get more downloads and if you have implemented good loyalty strategies, it will have a positive impact on reviews and therefore you will appear among the first search results. Using the right keywords and a good description of your application will also help you greatly.

On the contrary, if your customers withdraw your app, it will also influence, and negatively, the positions. That is why it is so important that you apply all the strategies to build customer loyalty. A happy, happy customer is a customer who will maintain your application and recommend it.


As you have seen, these 6 strategies can change, and increase the reputation of your brand or business, and as a consequence, it increases the customers and income. Customer loyalty is key to improving the benefits of your business, and with an app, it will be easier for you.

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