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How To Choose The Best VPN For Your Task

Today about five billiards of people have access to the Internet. However, in some countries, some restrictions and censorship exist for users and do not allow them complete access to Internet resources. Also, some companies need to create a corporate network with some limitations as well, or sometimes it is necessary to hide your traffic information and protect the data.

In other words, many reasons exist for programming methods of changing standard local settings from the Internet provider. One of the most popular is VPN (a virtual private network), the simple and effective method for Internet traffic protection and hiding your actual digital fingerprint online.

When you work through this network, the traffic is encrypted and protected from any Third Parties, including hackers or the government. The main reason for getting a VPN in the first place is security. Download the Best VPN for Windows PC, laptop, Macbook, iPhone, or Android mobile you can hook up to your VPN account easily with any device.

1. How VPN works

Each user connecting to the Internet receives an IP address, like a unique zip code, that is used to track all activities if required. This traffic can be sold to Third Parties without the user’s awareness. When a user uses a VPN, the access is executed through its servers located in available countries through a safe connection. A safe connection is established through trustable user authentication with login and password.

The user’s Internet provider sees only traffic to the VPN server. Most VPN servers have a dynamic IP address (not static), which changes from time to time for all users. VPN works similar to proxy server changing IP address but also gives additional features, including traffic encryption and tunneling. User safety is also established by VPN protocols used for connection; some have high speed, and some work better for unique local settings. The most popular protocols now are PPTP, WireGuard, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and Lightway. All features of VPN services are aimed at the user’s anonymity.

2. How to choose the Best VPN for your task

So, suppose you decide to install a VPN for any reason, such as changing your Internet location, increasing your confidentiality level, receiving access to restricted websites, and safely using public Wi-Fi. In that case, another question arises, how to choose the best VPN for your specific purpose. Below are described the parameters of VPNs suitable for different tasks:

  • High speed. A high-speed and stable VPN is required if you want to watch films or play online games. Such VPNs should optimize the data traffic without limitations and have no disconnections. If you choose a VPN with a trial period or guaranteed payment back period, you can check the stability and the speed using many Internet resources. It would be best if you compare your Internet parameters without a VPN and with a VPN; they should not have a lot of difference
  • Anonymity If you want to hide your digital fingerprint, do not want to be tracked or receive targeting advertising, or have to transfer confidential information for business, VPNs with high levels of anonymity are required. It includes different factors: login authentication (less provided information is better, an option for payment with cryptocurrency is a significant plus); legal registration of VPN Company (if they are registered in 14 eyes countries, then all user’s data should be stored anyway); support of safe encryption protocols (OpenVPN, WireGuard, SoftEther, IKEv2). To increase anonymity, you can use several VPNs simultaneously or a VPN with TOR or any other anti-detect browser.
  • A number of servers around the world. If you want to buy goods on marketplaces all over the world, receive access to the restricted streaming platform in your countries, buy cheap avia tickets, or any other type of activity connected with a change of accurate computer geolocation, then you need to find a VPN with a list of available servers in the required countries. For example, two popular VPN services, Private internet access or Cyberghost, have servers in 91 countries and 78 countries, respectively. Also, having many servers in one country; decreases the load on each server during peak time.
  • A number of devices are connected to the same devices. If you have a lot of home devices that should be connected to a VPN, then you should find a VPN suitable for routers. Standard good VPN gives access to at least 3-5 devices – smartphones, tablets, or PCs. You should check the chosen VPN supports your device’s software (IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, etc.).

The parameter free or not free is on purpose not listed, as mostly all free versions are aimed at collection of user’s data and further usage for own needs (for sale or for hacker attacks). It is recommended to use only paid trusted versions with a lot of reviews, as such services use money to maintain their servers and infrastructure. Do not forget about technical support, it is especially needed during first weeks of usage.

3. Pros and Cons of using VPN

After you have shortlisted the preferable VPNs, you should clearly understand what advantages and disadvantages this service has:

Change of IP addressTrustable services with required parameters can be expensive
You can obtain any geolocation you needIt should be properly installed
Your confidentiality and safety levels increaseNot all VPNs are equally safe
Receive access to all Internet resourcesSome VPNs decrease your Internet connection
Can use public Wi-FiVPNs are illegal in some countries
Can work remotely using a VPN serviceFree VPN can store your data
Safely P2P exchange files through the Internet
Can buy on marketplaces goods with significant discount use different geo-locations


Even though, like any programmable method of changing digital fingerprints, VPN is not ideal, it is still a better solution than proxies and most antidetect-browsers. First of all, because of the simple installation and friendly interface. And secondly, the price, especially a package for a year, is more affordable than other proposals. After determining the purpose of VPN usage, you will see the most critical parameters your VPN should obtain. Do not neglect reading reviews for chosen VPN to check that the advertising information was accurate. Also, you will see the most common problems and possible ways of their solution. Anyway, the number of VPN advantages is significantly higher in areas of usage than disadvantages, so you definitely will appreciate VPN service.

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