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How To Create An Effective Funnel Marketing Strategy

As you have now understood, inbound marketing is based on buyer personas, namely the target (s) of a company, to build a digital strategy adapted to them. But it is also necessary to rely on the conversion funnel. Also called funnel/conversion funnel, this Funnel allows you to know at what stage of the journey your leads are located. This article gives you the keys to better understanding the conversion funnel and why it is used in your business.

Through a Funnel Marketing strategy, a purchase path is defined that focuses on the customer – actual or potential – and guides him towards the acquisition of information aimed at favoring the making of an informed purchase. But what is it, and how do you create a genuinely effective funnel marketing strategy?

What Is Funnel Marketing

Funnel Marketing is a digital marketing model that bases its logic on the choice of consumer habits, establishing an ad hoc path to facilitate the user’s conversion into a buyer. Funnel means Funnel and is representative of a process according to which the user, thanks also to a series of tools such as website, paid campaigns on Google and social networks, blogs, email marketing, is first convinced to know and, therefore, to buy the products and services that the company offers. The image of the Funnel is used since many users enter the path outlined, but only a tiny part will walk through it internally until they conclude the purchase or even become loyal customers of the brand.

How A Funnel Marketing Path Is Structured

The Funnel of a Funnel Marketing strategy is structured in 4 moments, which draw inspiration from the AIDA model, a paradigm developed at the end of the 19th century by an American businessman. The 4 phases are summarized in awareness, interest, decision, and action.


The moment of awareness is when a user realizes that he has a need or desire. For example, suppose the user needs a new PC. In that case, he will start looking online for information on the products available on the market, the characteristics proposed by the different manufacturers, and prices.


The user knows that he needs to satisfy, but he is not yet ready to buy. Therefore, this is the phase in which it is necessary to intercept his needs, difficulties, and fear of choosing. Don’t mistake talking about products, costs, benefits, and opportunities during the moment of interest. At this moment, the user must be understood and guided in his choice. For example, here, you can provide information on the technical specifications of PCs, guide him towards an informed decision.


The decision phase is crucial to conclude the funnel marketing process successfully. Now the user has greater awareness of the product they are looking for and needs to be motivated. This is the phase in which the user can be intercepted through tools such as PPC campaigns, advertisements on social networks, well-optimized blog pages, specific emails, practical product sheets.


We are in the phase in which to realize the whole strategy, that of the action. The user has all the valuable information and has learned about our brand. This means that the user must be guided towards the purchase. Like? There is no single answer, but the general rules are:

  • Structure a web page with the right amount of call to action.
  • Guide the user towards a narrow and easy to manage sales path.
  • Provide functional support tools such as easily accessible chatbots and phone numbers.

Sometimes, one detail out of place is enough to make the whole job useless!

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