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How To Design A Travel Brochure In 4 Easy Steps

With the worst of Covid well behind us, the world is slowly moving onto a new normal, and that means businesses are returning to operation. From food and beverage to hair stylists, one of the sectors that is making a comeback from Covid is tourism.

Travel enthusiasts have been packed in their resident towns for over a year, and they’re buzzing to go out and explore the world, which means that tourism companies are a hot topic. But with rising competition, you’re going to need more than just the regular travel packages and cheesy ads to really secure your game. Instead, you’re going to need to market yourself, and one of the best ways to do so for a tourism company is through brochures!

Not only are they great for wider audience reach, but the formatting means that you can pack in all the information you need while keeping things appealing.

Here’s how you can design a stunning travel brochure for your tourism company:

1. Stick to a Color Scheme

With a travel brochure, it’s all about the visuals. And one of the best ways to nail your visuals is to incorporate a color scheme that works! The best course of action is to use your tourism company’s existing color scheme – look towards your logo and other marketing material for inspiration – and add in different shades if needed.

Of course, there are other routes you can go down – such as a season-themed color scheme or one depending on the location. Either way, take care to avoid clashing colors and create an overall visually-pleasing aesthetic.

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2. Select the Right Pictures

A good travel brochure shows off its subject well, and here, your subject is the city or country that you’re advertising. Adorn your brochure with pictures of the city’s sightseeing hotspots such as national monuments, parks, tourist attractions, shopping spots, and favorite restaurants.

Be smart when positioning your pictures – select your best one for the front page, and for the rest, place them according to the text that you write. In fact, adding in a relevant picture with your text will elevate your content to the next step!

3. Use Descriptive Copy

The best partner for stunning pictures is a descriptive copy. Your goal with copy is to be descriptive so you can paint a picture for your reader and make them want to visit your country of description ASAP. Once you achieve that goal, the likelihood of your copy converting increases, and that’s a win-win for any tourism company!

4. Go with a Template

If creativity isn’t your forte, then you can still create a stunning travel brochure – all you need to do is turn your attention toward the right brochure templates! Look through online design platforms to select a travel brochure that catches your eye. Simply edit and customize it to match your tourism company’s branding and have it ready for distribution!

5. Embrace Email Marketing

Once you’ve successfully designed your travel brochure, then the question is of getting it to your target market – both your existing and potential customers. And while door-to-door distribution or sending them out in newspapers is one way to go about it, another more effective way is via email marketing.

Write a short and catchy subject line, upload your brochure and accompany it with an engaging copy, and you’ve got yourself an email that is sure to get readers hooked. And to simplify the entire process, you can use an email marketing platform such as the one offered by PosterMyWall.

Not only will an email marketing platform allow you to seamlessly plan out your emails in advance, but you can also make use of their templates, add your email list to the website, and get in-depth results on email analytics, helping you deduce which content is working out the best.

So, if you’re looking to boost your performance in the tourism sector, then designing and distributing a stunning travel brochure is the way to go. From the colors to the text, your brochure will pull in the right customers, making your company reach the top. Just be sure to customize, customize, and customize so your brand image is upheld!

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