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How To Enter The Deep Web

The Deep Web is often represented as an almost surreal virtual place. It is possible to perform any action entirely anonymously as if you were in a science fiction film. In reality, it is simply a part of the internet, not indexed by traditional search engines, in which different rules apply to the classic web. To navigate the Deep Web, it is necessary to use particular tools such as TOR. However, you must be cautious and beware of the pitfalls of the deep web.

How To Enter The Deep Web From A PC

The most common way to browse the Deep Web is through TOR, a modified version of the famous Firefox software, whose acronym stands for “The Onion Router.” This program allows you to enter anonymously, using routers made available by a series of volunteers, an operation that will enable you to browse incognito. The first thing to do then is to download TOR on your PC, free and open-source software available on Torproject.org.

On the portal, select your operating system, choose between Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, save the.exe file on your computer and start the installation wizard. The process takes just a few minutes, so it is possible to start the browser and begin the adventure within the Deep Web after a few moments. Once installed, you need to click on the software icon, selecting the “Connect” item to browse the Deep web finally. The functioning of TOR is quite simple.

It is entirely similar to that of a traditional web browsing program. To facilitate the operation, you can use a search engine, such as Torch or Repository, which allows, like Google, to quickly find websites and portals, even when their digital coordinates are not known. These search engines do not show all the Deep Web, but they represent an adequate solution for browsing safely.

How To Enter The Deep Web From Android Smartphones And Tablets

To access the Deep Web, you can also use a mobile device, such as an Android smartphone or tablet to download and install a specific application. The first option is to download TOR by downloading the version of the program compatible with Android from the official website, available both on the Torproject.org platform and on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can download another helpful app, Orfox, also developed by the programmers of The Tor Project.

This app also allows you to browse the Deep Web anonymously, it has over 10 million downloads, but the latest version was updated in July 2018. A more updated application is Onion Search Engine, downloaded by more than 500,000 users and last released in May 2019, an app that works as a search engine for the Deep Web, capable of indexing portals in the dark network.

How To Enter The Deep Web From iPhone And iPad iOS

Browsing the Deep Web is also possible with iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Just download the compatible apps on the App Store or iTunes. One of the most used options is Onion Browser, the program that allows you to enter the deep web from your mobile device to surf anonymously and index the websites present.

The app is quite heavy, around 72.7 MB, and it also requires an iOS version of 11.4 or later. Another solution to access the Deep Web from iOS mobile devices is the VPN + TOR Browser Private Web app, an application with a perfect score from users. However, the latest version dates back to 2020.

What Are The Risks Of The Deep Web?

TOR is a reasonably safe browser to enter and browse the Deep Web. However, it does not allow you to avoid all risks, as some problems have been encountered over the last few years. First of all, it is a network run by unknown people, almost always volunteers who want to keep the Deep Web free and unregulated, so in practice, an anonymous third party system is used, which is not as reassuring and reliable as it might seem.

Furthermore, the TOR network procedure allows the signal transition nodes to know some positions, including the previous one and the next one, except for the final exit node. This means that TOR operators can see their IP and geographic location. At the same time, browsing, but not the exit point from the Deep Web, unless they visit websites without HTTPS protocol, effectively limiting anonymity to external users.

Another criticality of the Deep Web and the TOR network lies in hacker attacks. In fact, in the same way as traditional systems, it is possible to find infected programs, viruses, and malicious scripts capable of stealing sensitive information and personal data. Finally, it must be considered that it is a prolonged and heavy browser due to the IP obscuring system through a continuous signal bounce procedure between the nodes.

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