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Fire Stick IP Address, How To Find Or Change It

The Fire Stick TV is a wireless device that hooks up to Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. Optionally, a special adapter can be used to connect it to the Network via an Ethernet cable. In both cases, the IP address of the Fire Stick will be assigned by the DHCP server, usually the router. The Amazon HDMI dongle, by default, establishes a connection with dynamic IP. This article also explains how to find this IP address to assign a fixed IP to the Fire Stick.

Find The IP Address Of The Fire Stick

If you are looking for the Firestick IP address, you certainly have a minimum of technical knowledge, and you will need it to locate it on the Network, perhaps to connect it to some app or download files via FTP. To find the device’s IP address, proceed as follows: with the remote control, go to the Settings section using the gear icon on the right of the Home Page. This action will open a groping menu with all possible choices among the settings. You enter the My Fire TV section. In this section, you can choose between various items, some of which are delicate.

You have to be very careful not to activate the Factory Reset. In the My Fire TV section, you have to choose the Info menu item, which gives you access to a lot of device-related information. Place the highlighted field on the Network. That’s it: now, in the right column, you will see several pieces of data, including the IP address of the Fire Stick. In summary, to find the IP address of the Amazon Fire Stick TV: Home Page → Settings → My Fire TV → About → Network

Change The IP Of The Amazon Fire Stick TV

Occasionally, it is best to assign devices connected to a network a fixed IP address. I’ll explain how you need to give a static IP to your Amazon Fire Stick TV. If you have already connected your device to the Wi-Fi network, the first thing to do is disconnect it.

Disconnect The Fire Stick From The Network

To disconnect the Amazon Fire Stick from the Wi-Fi network using the remote, go to Settings and then to Networks. Following these actions, you will see the list of available networks and the one you are connected to. Select the Network to which the device is connected.

On the right side of the screen, you will see some possible choices, including the one that says Press the symbol with the three dashes to Forget this Network. After pressing the key with the three dashes, you will be asked to confirm your intentions. You must then use the central button ( SELECT ) to confirm. This action will interrupt the connection with the Wi-Fi network. Now it’s time to establish a new static IP connection.

Connect The Fire Stick With Fixed IP

The device provides a procedure to indicate a static IP. Within the system, it is also possible to change the DNS of the Fire Stick. You must proceed this way to connect the device with the Wi-Fi network with a fixed IP. Go to Settings and then into Networks (you have done this before). Here you see the list of available networks. Select the one you want to connect to, the one you just disconnected from.

Now press the center button to start the connection procedure. The first thing you will need to enter is the password. Immediately afterwards, select the Advanced item at the bottom (nb do not connect; otherwise, you will get a dynamic IP). At this point, you will have to manually enter all the data relating to the connection, including the static IP that you will propose as the first field to fill in. In the order, you will be asked:

  • IP address
  • Gateway
  • Primary DNS
  • Secondary DNS
  • Length of the network prefix

In my case, I chose the fixed IP address The Gateway of my Network is The network prefix length indicates what type of subnet you are using. The length 24 is equivalent to the subnet mask The primary and secondary DNS are those made available by Google and

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