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How To Implement Effective Video Marketing Strategies To Get Results? Everything A Marketer Must Know

In every industry, among the several departments, marketing is the crucial bridge between the business and its customers. Without marketing, there would be no initial link established between the companies and the customers to whom they want to sell the products. Marketing campaigns can make or break businesses because, without customers, a business has very little value.

So, marketers are always improvising their marketing strategies and tactics to come up with new ways to carry the message to the people. In the last couple of years, video marketing has been the primary mode of communication to promote brands and products. What is so great about video marketing, and how should you implement it effectively in your marketing campaigns?

Why Choose Video Marketing?

The following video marketing statistics speak for themselves:

  • Online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 (Source)
  • 87% of video marketers claim that video has increased traffic to their website (Source)
  • 97% of marketers say video has helped users gain sufficient understanding of their products and services (Source)

The statistics show that videos are, by far, the most preferred form of communication and awareness among customers. Although making videos requires more effort than making a poster or an infographic, from the marketers’ point of view, there are some more advantages of video content marketing:

  • Search engines boost your site more if it has video content
  • Video content has a higher potential to convey a concept or message to the viewers than images or text
  • Videos encourage social sharing among your followers and customers

5 Video Marketing Hacks That You Should Use

The advantages mentioned above are common to every company out there. To make the most of video content marketing, you need to know some tactics that make your videos stand apart. Here are some guidelines for you to make a fantastic marketing video.

1. Figure Out The Audience And The Content

A trend that is likely to emerge in 2020 and continue is that communications from marketing will be ultra-targeted. Companies need to curate their videos in such a manner that different audience groups have specific messages, which will make the campaign more effective. Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in these targeted ads by analyzing your customers’ behaviors and online personas and giving you suggestions to modify your content accordingly.

For example, if you are targeting a new audience who have limited knowledge of your products or service, you can make an elaborate “how-to” video that takes them through all the steps of usage and the benefits, while also promoting your brand. If it is your regular audience to whom you want to introduce a new product, a quick Instagram story teaser video is enough to capture their attention.

2. Create A Unique Style

Your video must be characteristic of your brand: everything in the video must promote your company in some way. Customize the colors and fonts, add the brand’s logo and caption, and choose an appropriate soundtrack to accompany the video. The goal here is to create videos with a unique style such that people immediately associate themselves with your brand on seeing the video.

Most video editors available online have readymade templates for you to start making the video. You can further add text blocks, graphics, and other filters before sharing the content online. Maintain the quality of the video at every stage.

3. Make The Most Of Social Media

Most marketers take to social media to share their video content, since Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms are video-friendly. Remember to adjust the dimensions of the video (square videos for Facebook and vertical videos for Instagram, preferably) and the duration (Instagram stories vs. YouTube videos).

Social media platforms help you connect with people better because this is where you know your audience best. Encourage followers to share your posts from their account, or collaborate with Instagram influencers to boost your videos.

4. Optimize The Video For SEO

Once the content is ready, there are a few additional steps you need to do to make your video more visible on search engines, and this is where SEO plays a role. No matter where you share your video, make sure it has an accurate title and description, both of which contain keywords. In social media platforms, use hashtags in the caption and comments for the same purpose.

If you can make transcripts for your video (there are speech-to-text software tools that can do this automatically), then search engines will give preference to these videos. If you can add subtitles as well, then your video will have a much bigger outreach, because you now target a much larger audience, including those who are not familiar with English.

5. Budget And Timeline Constraints

From a practical point of view, two of the most challenging constraints you will have time and money. To be on the safe side, you should plan a timeline of 3-4 months for a video: from the first stage of deciding the content to the distribution. Proper planning is the best way to avoid any problems with the timeline, whereas dealing with the budget is a little trickier.

Your budget often decides the style of the video. You may not have a high-end camera to shoot the video, so you have to make the most of the video editors. Even within editors, premium versions offer a myriad of additional features like 4K editing and AR/VR video formats.

Although the visual appeal is important, the content of the video has more value. Digital marketing is relatively cheaper than traditional marketing methods, but you should scout to find the best way to make quality content with the lowest budget.

Make Effective Campaigns Today!

There is no doubt that video marketing will continue to be the most dominant form of marketing in the future. From real estate marketing jobs to FMCG firms to software solutions, every sector is now implementing video content in the marketing plans. So, if you haven’t switched to this mode yet, now is the time to do so.

Video marketing can be done entirely online with various video editing tools available. With these strategies, your video marketing campaign can be a compelling way to promote your brand.

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