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How To Prepare Yourself For The LoL Clash Tournament?

The Clash (Global Version) is now available, and we’re looking forward to getting ready for the final launch. This game is supposed to be operated in its truest form as a five versus five structured game. In Clash, collaboration and synergy shine brighter than in a solo queue, where it enhances your gameplay by hoarding as many supplies as you can.

It’s equivalent to enjoying pickup ball with random people rather than being part of a structured team. Although they are both pickup balls, basketball is like a stand-in for real. Who knows what will happen in the future? Perhaps Clash will supplant solo queue as the most important indicator of a person’s performance. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for the tournament coming ahead.

Study Your Pool

Before all the Clash events start, you, with your teammates, must understand the champions you have at your fingertips. If you’d like to try something new, have a look at the best AP bot lane carries.

Knowing this will aid you in defining your team’s ideal playstyle and maximizing your bans and picks. A few of you going through this article have probably been gaming with your four-five buddies for a long time. If that’s the case, you presumably have a solid notion of your team’s gameplay. Moreover, you may have some established team comps.

It’s perfectly fine if you’ve recently joined or formed a Clash squad. Take a seat with your squad and talk over the best five or more champions for every role that each player will feel comfortable playing throughout the event.

Understand the uncommon threads in your champion pool in terms of things like playstyle, synergy, and strength spikes. Is there a strong Lux, Varus, or Jayce player on your team? It appears that you’ll like to play pokemon and siege.

Lulu, Orianna, and Kog’Maw? Consider participating in a team fighting competition to protect the hyper carry.

You might be asking at this stage if you should practice several playstyles for Clash. No, we don’t think so.

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Work on Your Drafts

After you’ve figured out your team’s overall champ pool and favored gameplay, you should practice handling various draught circumstances.

Imagine that bans do not even exist and write down your dream squad composition. Let’s imagine your team’s favored gameplay is Wombo Combo, and the perfect composition is as follows:

  • Top: Malphite
  • Mid: Orianna
  • Jungle: Wukong
  • Support: Rakan
  • ADC: Sivir

Let’s get back down to originality and think about the options. Keep in mind that the opposing squad has probably five bans.

What would your squad do if you took away all five champs from your chosen lineup? Do you even have a strategy in that case?

What if they concentrate on getting rid of your leading scorer? Who is your least favorite gamer? These are the kinds of issues you should discuss as a group and come up with solutions for. Concentrating your approach on a single playstyle has the advantage of making it much simpler to create substitute champions who occupy a quite similar niche. Although five bans are inconvenient, it is difficult to ban a full team comp.

If Rakan and Sivir are banned, for instance, Sona and Miss Fortune can fill in, allowing your team to preserve a similar identity.

Let’s imagine your best player is your top-laner, and the opposing team chooses to target them with all four bans. Even if Malphite, Vladimir, Rumble, Sion, and Kennen were all banned, you’d still have a lot of alternatives for some Wombo Combo squads like Gangplank.

Choose a Leader or Shot-Caller

Every squad is different, but in many circumstances, we recommend appointing one final shot-caller to assist your squad when making split-second judgments.

While some pro clubs prefer democratic shot-calling systems that distribute responsibilities, getting it right needs a lot of controlled practice and instruction from a trainer. If you have some free time, splitting up your tasks between in-game shot-calling, team fight shot-calling, and end-game shot-calling can be a good idea. However, most people with hectic school and job schedules do not have enough reason to process these processes in place.

Since some gamers are more outspoken than others, identifying your shot-caller can sometimes happen by accident.

If you find yourself in a position where you feel you have numerous strong mouths that try to clash, work together as a squad to come up with a technique.

Make sure everybody is happy with the outcome and ready to participate, whether through a secret vote, rock-paper-scissors, or 1v1 battle. Though your top player and shot-caller may overlap, being technically skilled is a whole distinct skill set. You’ll need a person who is outspoken, assertive, and knows the big picture.

Whenever the gameplay is at its tensest stage, as before a large engagement or a Baron competition, the shot-caller must stand up and make the team’s choices, and the squad should be willing to follow. If a call isn’t flawless, a joint team that makes a poor decision will always triumph over a more intelligent but split squad.

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