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How To Shop For Hemp Flower Like Skywalker OG CBD Strain?

Have you heard of the hemp flower? This form of cannabidiol has recently made a boom in the CBD market due to its versatile use. Besides used for smoking and vaping, some individuals even use it when cooking.

Nevertheless, choosing the right CBD flower strain can be demanding. Buyers should take multiple factors into account, such as its appearance, aroma, potency, and safety. When shopping online, shoppers need to analyze various product descriptions until they find the best strain.

The following tips will assist you in the shopping journey.

Consider its appearance

When shopping for CBD flowers, one is supposed to start the journey by taking a detailed look at its appearance. It’s a vital indicator of the product’s quality, which is why buyers should pay close attention to its color and buds. Hemp flowers should be green, not brown. Make sure you avoid purchasing ones whose color is even slightly brownish.

Moreover, the buds should be dense and trimmed properly. It’s paramount for the flower to be covered in frosty crystals, known as trichomes. These tiny crystal-like structures cover the leaves of hemp plants for the purpose of protecting the plant. Despite their tiny size, the role of these hairs is to store the active ingredients of the plant. Read here about the types, development, and uses of trichomes.

The ultimate thing to check when inspecting the appearance of CBD flowers is the presence of shake. It refers to the petals, buds, and leaves found in the bag, at the bottom. Although you’ll be experiencing the same benefits by smoking this “debris” just like smoking intact CBD flowers, make sure not to pay the full price for such a shake.

Check the aroma

The following factor to check when shopping for hemp flowers is the aroma. When buying such a product online, customers need to rely on the aroma description provided by the retailer. It’s supposed to have a sharp, earthy aroma, similar to the scent of cannabis. The strength of the aroma is determined by the number of flavonoids, used in the process of production. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for the scent and flavor of plants.

Hence, depending on the types of terpenes used in a combination with CBD, the aroma can be fruity, sweet, sour, citrusy, etc. For instance, CBD flowers containing pinene have a piney scent, whereas those containing humulene are distinctive for their earthy smell. The presence of caryophyllene provides a spicy aroma in contrast to the lavender smell provided by linalool. Buyers are supposed to check the types of terpenes in the content so as to get familiar with the potential scent.

Look for lab reports

A crucial aspect to take into consideration when purchasing CBD flower is the lab testing conducted on the products. Nowadays, the largest number of CBD flower strains in the market, such as Skywalker OG, are lab-tested and use organic ingredients. Every established manufacturer is expected to provide buyers with lab reports on all products, which speak volumes about product quality. Nevertheless, the testing is supposed to be done in a third-party laboratory, not an in-house lab.

In addition, the test results are informative when it comes to learning about plant cultivation. In order for hemp to be organic, the plant should be grown in well-drained soil, rich in organic ingredients. There should be no use of pesticides and other chemicals in the process of cultivation in order for the flowers to be organic.

Moreover, the lab results are supposed to reveal the exact amount of cannabidiol inside the flowers for users to gain insight into their potency. However, the tests should be no older than two years, as they won’t be considered relevant. Also, the laboratory in charge of conducting the tests should be accredited, adhering to the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Each report is supposed to have a special section with the results of an analysis for heavy metals and contaminants. This part is worth inspecting carefully due to being direct proof of the safety of CBD flowers.

Check cannabidiol content

The ultimate aspect to check is the cannabidiol content of the product. When analyzing the lab results, buyers are advised to inspect the cannabinoid profile, referring to the content of all cannabinoids present in the flower. Nevertheless, there are two cannabinoids that require special attention, those being cannabidiol and THC.

CBD levels are supposed to be high, ranging between seven and twenty-five percent. The higher the percentage, the better the quality. However, users trying this product for the first time are recommended to look for strains with low levels of cannabidiol and increase the percentage gradually. Follow this link, https://www.britannica.com/science/cannabinoid, to gain a better understanding of the effects different cannabinoids have on humans.

THC content, on the other hand, should be closely inspected as well. Contrary to cannabidiol, the lower the levels of THC, the safer the product. There is a legal limit when it comes to the amount of THC present in hemp flower. In order for THC to be considered legal, it has to be lower than 0, 3 percent. In case the lab results show a higher level, make sure you look for another strain.

Final word

Never trust an online retailer until provided with product lab reports.

It’s the only reliable way to check product quality!

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