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How to Track Boyfriend’s Phone Text Messages Secretly [Official]

Do you want to track your boyfriend’s phone text messages secretly? Most girls who attempt this get amazements or disappointments depending on who’s their companion. The essential thing here is viewing your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing.

In many relationships, boys go astray, and that’s enough reason to check on yours. Spying on his phone is the best way to discover what he’s up to lately. However, waiting till your man falls asleep to snoop on his device can be tiresome and risky.

Alternatively, there are various phone spying options available online. It’s crucial to note that not all monitoring apps in the market are legitimate. In this article, we choose Spyier since it’s the most trusted and reliable surveillance solution. Let’s check it out:

Part 1: Spyier – The Ultimate Phone Spying Solution

Are you nervous about being caught spying on your man’s phone? Does hacking your boyfriend’s device appear impractical to you? Do you want a simple solution to track someone’s gadget without being detected? If you fit in these cases, then Spyier is all you need.

Using Spyier To Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Text Messages Without Him Knowing

Spyier is a reputable brand in the phone monitoring business with millions of users from over 190 countries. It’s reasonably trustworthy because popular media outlets, including Tech Radar and Life Wire, have featured it.

Getting started is quick since you don’t need any technical expertise. Spyier functions ideally in both Android and iOS platforms. Impressively, there’s no app download and no jailbreaking if the target’s device is iOS.

For Android, you need brief one-time physical access to your companion’s phone to download and install Spyier’s 2MB app. Once installation completes, activate stealth mode to hide the app icon and stay unnoticed. There’s no rooting required; thus, device security will never be compromised.

Spyier is solely internet-based and highly values your privacy. It neither accesses nor stores your boyfriend’s info. Instead, all results sync to your online account. When logged out, nobody will see your data.

You can monitor your partner’s device using any web browser. Use the ‘Message’ feature on your dashboard to view his phone text messages. You will see all sent and received text messages, including deleted ones, if he has an iPhone.

There are 35+ distinctive features of Spyier that you can rely on for all your spying needs. All these features are free to access via your online dashboard. Spyier lets you monitor all your boyfriend’s phone activities, including shared media files, location, social apps, etc.

To find more about Spyier’s capabilities, visit this page to track boyfriend’s phone text messages without touching his device. If this isn’t enough to make Spyier your go-to solution, try out the demo for free.

Here’s how to track your boyfriend’s phone text messages using Spyier:

Part 2: Tracking Boyfriend’s Phone Text Messages Secretly Using Spyier

Setting up Spyier is fast and effortless. All you require is a working email address and a PC/ smartphone with a reliable internet connection. Ensure the target’s phone has OS version 7.0 or higher for iOS and Android 4.0 to the latest.

Steps To Start Tracking Boyfriend’s Phone Text Messages Remotely

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyier account using your email address and password. Choose your boyfriend’s phone OS then pay for a subscription plan.

Steps to Start Tracking Boyfriends Phone Text Messages Remotely

Step 2: Wait for the email containing receipt, log in details and set-up guidelines

2(a) For Android devices, download and install the Spyier app using the sent link. Activate stealth mode as you finish up the installation.

Tracking Boyfriends Phone Text Messages

2(b) For iOS, verify your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials, then wait for synchronization.

Tracking Boyfriends Phone Text Messages

Step 3: Using your device’s web browser, gain access to your Spyier account to view your man’s phone summary.

Step 4: All Spyier’s distinctive features are on the left menu bar in your online dashboard. Use the ‘Messages’ feature to track your boyfriend’s phone text messages immediately.

Tracking Boyfriends Phone Text Messages

Here are some more features that you get to enjoy using Spyier:

Part 3: What More Can You Achieve with Spyier

Spyier is the most affordable phone surveillance solution offering a set of exclusive features to cover all your spying requirements. Let’s take a glimpse at what else you can do using Spyier:


Using this unique feature, Spyier keeps track of all keystrokes made on your boyfriend’s smartphone. It organizes these keystrokes in accordance to the app they got typed on the user’s device. You see all their usernames, passwords, browser searches, and typed messages.

Call monitor

Spyier’s call monitor feature captures all your boyfriend’s call logs, caller ID, call numbers along with time durations. You may choose to record his phone calls to know what he’s conversing with other people.

Social Media Spy

Another distinctive element of Spyier is the social media monitor. It tracks your partner’s social apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other apps without being suspected. You will view his chats, sent/ received media files, and their timestamps.

Location Tracker

Lastly, you can keep track of all his movements by monitoring his phone location. You receive live location updates of his whereabouts in your Spyier account. If need be, use the geofencing feature to set boundaries and get alerts whenever he goes outside the perimeter.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of using Spyier:

Part 4: Benefits Of Using Spyier To Track My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Secretly

Various benefits come with Spyier. Here are some of the things you won’t get in any other spying solution:

  • Rapid Set-up: With Spyier, set up everything quick and easy. For both iOS and Android, you are ready to start tracking in under 5 minutes.
  • No Root or Jailbreak: There’re no technical skills needed since no phone customization is required. It ensures that your boyfriend’s device security is not compromised.
  • Reliability: Spyier is safe from viruses and malware. It’s a lightweight app that doesn’t drain much battery power.
  • Stealth Mode Operation: Spyier utilizes its stealth mode capabilities to work in the background discreetly and without being detected.
  • Internet-Based Interface: Spyier operates on a completely web-based interface. You can access your online control panel using any web browser at any time.
  • Distant Uninstallation: After achieving your spying objectives, use the one-click button to uninstall the Spyier app from your dashboard remotely.


With a top-rated, secure spying solution at your disposal, you should be relieved about tracking your boyfriend’s text messages. You will always have an eye on him no matter how far away you are from one another.

We recommend Spyier since it’s the best phone monitoring solution and offers exclusive features. You receive real-time updates while your boyfriend is using his device. Even better, he will never suspect anything.

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