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Word Comments And Revisions: How To Track Changes On The Document

How tracking changes applied to a Word document works: revisions and comments are just a click away. Although collaborative editors are increasingly “popular,” Word remains one of the most popular tools for processing documents by many hands. Today you open Google Docs or Office Online, share a URL with collaborators, and start working on the same document with the ability to suggest changes and add comments.

For example, how to share files with Google Docs with the ability to track changes and add comments. Word comments and revisions allow you to track changes on the document, for example, on a file that is exchanged via email and whose modification involves several people. To track changes to a Word document, click the Review menu and then the Changes button. Review mode can be toggled on and off on demand by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+E key combination.

At this point, by selecting text and deleting it or applying modifications, a vertical bar appears on the left margin of the Word document to confirm that an intervention has been applied in that area of ​​the text. The text was generated using the “lorem ipsum” trick. To check and review the modified text, select All Comments from the drop-down menu in the figure. The Word also keeps track of formatting changes applied to text by highlighting them on one side of the open document.

How To Add A Comment In Word

To insert a comment in the Word document, highlight the portion of text to which you want to refer, then click on Review, and finally, on New comment in the toolbar. Suppose the document gets crowded with too many comments and indications. In that case, you can click the Show Comments button and, for example, deactivate Formatting to remove references to style changes, text alignment, and typographic solutions adopted in the document. To exit review mode, press the Review button at the top again.

Accept Or Not The Changes Applied To The Word Document

To check the changes made to the content of the Word document, the advice is to click on the Review menu and then select All comments from the drop-down menu, ensuring that all the items are checked in the Show comments menu. At this point, you can click the Review Pane button to have the list of all the changes applied to the document viewed on one side of the screen.

By clicking on each of them, it is possible to choose whether to accept or reject the changes by using the buttons in the toolbar. The same result can be obtained even faster by right-clicking on a modification shown on the Word document and then selecting the Accept or Reject items from the context menu. By clicking on the arrow below the Accept and Reject buttons in the Word toolbar, you will find the commands Accept/reject all revisions and Accept/reject all revisions and stop tracking.

In this way, it is possible to accept or reject all the changes in one go with the possibility of exiting the tracking mode at the same time. In the case of comments, the icons below each allow you to add a reply or mark the issue as resolved. Clicking with the right mouse button on a comment makes it possible to delete the comment itself.

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