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Set Up The Device: How To Use Google To Set It Up

The Set Up Gadget highlight permits you to set up Android cell phones and gadgets utilizing basic voice orders. Google designers have invested some energy into the components that assist with arranging another Android gadget and utilize the computerized colleague (Google Collaborator) to set up another associated savvy item or mixed media gadget.

How To Copy Settings And Applications From Your Old To New Android Smartphone With Set Up Device

The latest renditions of Android, when the new cell phone is turned on interestingly, offer a screen like the one in the figure. The Duplicate application and information screen wait to appear immediately and are offered following the underlying cell phone arrangement system. Before utilizing your recently bought Android telephone, you can utilize a helpful instrument to import your information and inclinations from your old gadget.

At the point when the Import your information from screen shows up, you can choose the A reinforcement from an Android telephone choice. On your more established Android gadget, you can conjure the Google associate by saying alright Google or Hello Google out loud and afterward expressing Set up gadget. After utilizing the voice order, the accompanying screen will naturally appear: the Android telephone or tablet will actuate the Bluetooth module and quest for the other gadget (the new cell phone that should be arranged).

Once the “matching” stage between the two Android gadgets is finished, the client is approached to pick which data to move, naturally shipping it to the new gadget. The Google application is especially helpful because it eases the client of physically moving applications, messages, applications, and email and record designs or depending on the cloud. Indeed, your Google account is moved with the boundaries of different records designed on the old Android gadget.

Keeping the two Android cell phones close is critical because the information moves, a piece like the Google Record application does ( Android Document Chief: Documents Go Records by Google, this is the secret ), utilizing both Bluetooth and Wireless association. Without exertion, you will wind up with the greater part of the applications and settings on the old cell phone naturally duplicated on the new gadget.

The Design gadget voice order can be utilized whenever, even on Android cell phones where the underlying setup methodology has proactively been finished: call the voice associate by saying alright, Google or Hello, Google.

Set Up Google Devices And Third-Party Products To Manage Them With Voice Assistant

We have seen that the Configure device voice command is of fundamental importance for quickly configuring a new Android smartphone by restoring the main configurations and preferences taken from the old terminal. However, there is another Google app that could be effective for many users: Google Home.

The application, which we have talked about several times, proves to be a practical and versatile tool for configuring Google hardware devices, such as the Chromecast HDMI stick, the Nest Mini compact speaker, the digital frame with Nest Hub smart functionality, Google Home and Google Home Mini smart living room speakers, video cameras, doorbells, smoke detectors and other Nest-branded smart products (more information here ).

The Google Home app, however, can also be used to add and control third-party devices directly . To get started, simply press the “+” button in the upper left corner of the Google Home app and then choose Set Up Device. The next screen will allow you to configure Google products or, in any case, those displaying the ” Made for Google ” label: select the first item and Configure new devices in your home.

Choosing instead: Have you already configured something? , you will access a very long list of manufacturers that allow their devices to interact with the Google digital assistant: we also discussed it in the article. In Google Home, it is possible to add one or more homes and divide the configured devices based on the environments in which they are physically located.

During the setup of the new device, which will be automatically detected, Google Home will indicate what can be done with each product:

Match entry. With this particular function, the device can recognize your voice, distinguishing it from all the others. It is a very useful feature if more people in the house use the Google device with their own account. Google will, of course, collect additional information about each user, so many may not like the idea. See Phone History on Android: When It’s Useful or Should Be Cleared. Music Services.

Smart devices connected with Google Home can connect to services such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and more. By connecting one or more services, you can decide which sources to draw from when you ask Google Assistant to play a piece of music.

Video Services. By connecting a Google device that integrates a display, such as the Nest Hub, you can combine all the video services you use or, in any case, those to which you have subscribed. Also, in this case, establishing a link with Google Assistant helps to play your favorite video content using simple voice commands instantly. Google Duos. The Google Home app will ask if you want to set up this service via Google Duo: Google Duo: How the video calling app works.

Using Google devices that integrate speakers and microphones, calls can be made with the Duo app by contacting anyone in the address book with the same application installed. When you are away from home, you can also call your Google device and talk to your loved ones by simply launching the Duo app on your smartphone and choosing the item Call my Google Home devices . Google Photos. Google Home will ask if you want to link your account with Google Photos on devices with displays. In this way, the device can show a slideshow of the photos.

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