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Design Secrets: How Video Slot Games Are Created

Slot machines are one of the most common types of gambling in both land-based and online PayPal casinos. Players enjoy the opportunity to try their luck without much effort. But what is behind this simplicity?

Modern slot machines have detailed graphics, a rich plot and well-thought-out mechanics. Each slot machine has a unique storyline that usually involves a historical excursion and a journey through mysterious places, or offers a cinematic scenario. Let’s talk about how video slot games are created.

The demand for slots has led to an increase in quality in slot machine standards – market competition does that, as businesses strive to create a better product. Behind the creation of a single video slot is a team of 10, 20 and sometimes even 50 people, and the work can last from months to a year. Project manager, mathematicians, server and interface developers, game designers, creative team, configurator and of course game testers are involved in the development.

The concept of video slot games

Computerisation of the game industry allows us to realise the most challenging projects and create unique virtual worlds. Therefore, the first thing developers do is to choose an idea and concept for a slot. This should be a clear story with a theme, technical specifications for designers and a mathematical model.

To make sure the games don’t repeat other slots, the team studies slot machines with similar themes and thinks about how to make the slot interesting and unique. At the conception stage, they work out in detail the number of reels and lines, adding jackpots and the like.

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Market research

Once the ideas have been selected, they are tested for potential success. Several tools are used to analyse the market:

  • Questback. It keeps tabs on players and identifies current trends. Social media is used in addition to the casino to obtain information.
  • Loop11. It’s a system for assessing usability. Examine the interface’s usefulness using its aid. You might evaluate a brand-new page or any website of a rival, for instance.
  • Social Mention. The tool is intended for trend monitoring. It is used to find subjects that are being discussed on YouTube or Facebook.
  • FreeLunch. It is intended to collect economic, financial, and statistical data. For this, tens of thousands of open sources are utilised. In order to calculate the price of game production, FreeLunch is employed.
  • SurveyMonkey. This is a tool that is used to conduct surveys. They assist in determining how captivating a possible spot is to the intended audience.

Design and development

Game designers need to keep up with the times and adapt their games so that they are relevant to today’s consumer market. Therefore, the design team has to work out in detail how the slot will look: colours, symbols, characters, bonus rounds and more. They prepare 2D and 3D graphics. Games also require HD graphics to capture the modern player’s imagination. Then there is the work of animators who bring the picture on the screen to life.

Many gamblers claim that they enjoy playing video slots with soundtracks and sound effects. Therefore, sound designers are also involved in the process of creating the product and they create the music for the slot. Even the simplest track with an 8-bit sound can grab a player’s attention from the first notes.

The maths

The development process also determines the mathematics of the slot machine. At this stage of development decide how often and how much should be paid winnings, what will be the frequency of activation of bonuses and the like.

Another important issue in the process of creating the slot — what will be the variance. The developers have to decide how risky the game will be. Their decision should be based on what kind of audience they are creating the slot for.

Most players prefer low-dispersion slots, which pay out their winnings often and little by little. These slots usually have lower maximum payouts, but the number of winning combinations is higher, and this allows you to play for a long time with a minimal financial payout.

Slots with medium variance levels are the most common. They offer both high and low maximum winnings. These slots are usually characterised by bonus features and games that allow you to win extra money.

High variance slots offer the highest maximum payouts. Often these are games with progressive jackpots and wild multipliers, which can significantly increase your winnings. However, for big prizes, you will have to accept fewer winning reel rotations.

Testing and testing the finished slot

Once programmers have integrated all parts of the future slot into a single whole, begins the phase of fine-tuning and testing. After all, even when the slot machine is running, the developer can make changes to it. To make the gameplay clear and appealing to the user, slot creators should pay enough attention to checking the prototype product.

Therefore, testers take on the job. They conduct a test, the result of which is a confirmation that everything works in accordance with the documentation. If errors are found in the project, be it in the text or in the visuals, the project is returned for revision. In the final stage of testing, beginners and experienced gamers alike try the game, which is not yet available to the general public. If there are no complaints, the project is approved and released.

After the release and advertising campaign, the game can be seen in casinos. How successful the slot proves to be depends on how players react to it. If, after launching the game, the user does not want to close it and find something more interesting, it means that the developer has done its job.

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