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Important SEO Factors You Should Improve In 2020

What does the new year bring for search engine optimization (SEO)? Experts do not expect fundamental changes. Rather, the little things will be of great importance for SEO in 2020. The new year will not bring any major new changes in search engine optimization (SEO) Rather, there are some small things, but some of them will have a big impact.

The Basics Have To Be Right

There is always great interest in new trends. In addition, many companies forget the basics when they go online. A technically “clean” website is a prerequisite for the search engine to be included in the index and therefore a duty.

The optimization , i.e. the free program, of titles, descriptions, headlines, internal links etc. may not be “sexy”, but it is absolutely recommendable to be considered by Google and Co. in highly competitive areas.

A clean basic optimization creates the prerequisites for the continued success of a website. SEO is like figure skating. Those who already fail in the duty may no longer compete in freestyle. So if you don’t take care of the basics, you shouldn’t consider more complicated optimizations.

Page Speed

Page Speed ​​has been the official ranking factor for the desktop sector since 2010. Since July 9, 2018, it has also been a mobile ranking factor. Although that was 1.5 years ago, the provision of a fast website is still a prerequisite for a good user experience. The optimization with regard to the achievement of a good page speed should now have the highest priority and be regarded as an absolute “must”.

User Intent – What Does The User Really Want?

Only a few SEOs seriously considered ten years ago whether the page content corresponded to what the user really wanted to consume. With the appropriate ranking, SEO provided the appropriate traffic and then often left it to colleagues from the area of ​​conversion optimization or by chance that the traffic also converted.

It is now the case that pages that do not match the user’s search intent have little chance of good rankings. With the Google “RankBrain” algorithm, Google now knows very well what the user actually wants for a large number of search queries.

For example, if you search for “women’s sneakers” you will only find search results on the first search results pages where you can buy sneakers. Google knows that the majority of users who do this search want to buy sneakers. A page that only informs without giving a purchase opportunity is therefore not desired by most users. Therefore Google does not display these pages.

For the marketer and SEO, this means that the user intent must also be taken into account in the future when designing and optimizing the pages in order to have any chance of later rankings.

Google Keeps The User In The Search Engine

For several years now, Google has been integrating more and more content, the aim of which is to provide the user with the desired information without clicking on a search result. In the past, many simple search queries required a click on a search result, but with the integration of “direct answers” and “featured snippets” the user already receives the desired information within the search results.

An important difference between “direct answers” and “featured snippets” is that the featured snippet shows the URL from which the content is generated.

The number of “zero-click searches” has increased steadily in recent years. More and more content can be read by the user directly in the search engine without leaving it by clicking on a search result.

Featured snippets can be actively designed within SEO limits and, in the case of FAQ pages, through the use of structured data and thus generate a lot of attention. It is up to SEO to determine whether they can design the featured snippets in such a way that the user is interested in visiting the website beyond the content of the featured snippets.

Google’s Bert

In this context, Google’s update “Bert” should also be mentioned, which is not a completely isolated phenomenon or trend 2020, but will still have a major impact on the search. Because Bert helps Google better understand what individual words in a sentence mean. So Bert’s main concern is to better interpret search queries.

In the future, it will be even more important to create content that fits the needs and the user intent. Google will therefore answer even more questions directly and the importance of featured snippets will also increase.In the future, it will be even more important to create content that fits the needs and the user intent. GoogleHave negative reviews deleted on Google! will answer even more questions directly and the importance of featured snippets will also increase.

Structured data is becoming more important because it also helps Google to better understand its own content.Structured data is becoming more important because it also helps GoogleHave negative reviews deleted on Google! to better understand its own content.

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