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Internet Providers In Arlington, TX

Arlington is a city in the State of Texas, a thriving part of Tarrant County. It is not just a part of the much famed Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington coalition, but also the principal city of this metropolitan region. Arlington has a blossoming population of over 397000 people with around 148300 residential units. It is one of the most populous cities in the United States, and home to some rather important educational and research facilities. The residents of this region have access to world-class education and research through the University of Texas at Arlington.

But that is not just it. Arlington has the headquarters for Mensa International, Arlington Assembly plant in use by General Motors, Texas Health Resources, and D.R Horton. Arlington is also the hub for most sports activity in the region with a good variation in the games hosted. You can see a good mix of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Wings over the course of any good weekend. Arlington also has its fair share of exciting activities with a gorgeous Six Flags amusement park right in the heart of the city.

In a city as bustling as such, the internet is an absolute need. You can’t possibly hope to run a city without good internet especially when it has universities, research work, and sports all counting on it. The life and soul of Arlington, Texas like so many other cities, lies in a network of high-speed internet that is stable and reliable.

Are you wondering about the internet services in Arlington and what exactly to get? Do not worry. In this article, we hope to discuss and inform you of the top internet providers in Arlington, for residential areas so you can make a good decision. Let us get to it, then!

Top internet providers in Arlington, Texas

1. AT&T

AT&T is one of the largest ISPs in the United States and has its headquarters in Dallas itself. Since AT&T also provides mobile and home phone services, it does have the edge for being one of the largest providers of services across the States. The corporation generates billions of dollars each year in revenue alone.

AT&T has been an internet provider ever since the technology was introduced in the United States. Hence, they have experience being one of the longest-standing internet providers to date. As of now, AT&T offers high-speed IPBB with speeds reaching up to 300 Mbps in most areas as well as AT&T Fiber. AT&T is especially known for its great fiber plans that give you great value for your money with speeds that reach over 1000 Mbps.

AT&T Features

AT&T has some rather interesting features which may be exactly what you are looking for. These include,

  • Internet speeds of 100 and 300 Mbps, as well as all-fiber plans, come with unlimited data allowance so you never have to worry about running out
  • No annual contracts
  • Reliable and steady speeds that you can trust
  • Safe and secure browsing powered by McAfee plus internet security tools at no charge
  • Free and safe hotspots nationwide for immediate access
  • Free of cost smart home management
  • Bundling internet and TV offers for maximum value

AT&T Pricing plans

AT&T initially offered DSL plans that were much more economical but they have discontinued the service now. Most of their internet plans are mainly high-speed IPBB now starting at a mere $55 per month with speeds up to 300 Mbps. Speed tiers lower than 100 Mbps have a data allowance of 1TB per month which is rather generous.

AT&T is one of the largest fiber internet providers in the US and with good reason too. AT&T has fiber plans that start at as low as $80 per month giving you immediate access to mind-blowing speeds of over 1000 Mbps.

AT&T is a worthwhile investment to make if you are looking for good internet speeds with no data caps or annual contracts. AT&T offers great value for their services and you can always bundle TV with the internet and save a few bucks!

2. Spectrum

Spectrum is another internet provider in Arlington and has quite the fan base when it comes to internet and TV plans. With Spectrum, you get extremely fast speeds, zero contracts, a free modem, and a lot more. You can also bundle TV and/or home phone with the internet to create Double Play or Triple Play offers that ultimately give you better value for your money.

Spectrum Internet Features

Spectrum internet has some pretty neat features that help it stand out in a crowd. We have shortly described them as follows;

  • Free internet security suite and modem
  • Unlimited data allowance for all plans
  • Stay connected on the go with thousands of nationwide free hotspots
  • Parental controls and limit screen time for the young ones
  • No contracts!

It is easy to see why Spectrum is such a favorite. Their features scream nothing but convenience. People generally like to connect with things that are convenient, come with little commitment, and give good value and security.

Spectrum Internet pricing plans

Spectrum has multiple pricing plans and you can choose any depending upon your needs and use. The pricing is quite market competitive so you always get more than what you pay for and no contracts mean you can pull out at any time.

Spectrum Internet PlanPricingMax. Download Speed
Spectrum Internet Standard$49.99/month200 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Ultra$69.99/month400 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Gig$109.99/month1000 Mbps

Although there are no data caps, the pricing for all these plans remains constant for the first 12 months. So, you do not even have to fear market price hikes because it would not affect your plan in any way.

Spectrum internet is a good provider to consider if you are an Arlington resident. Spectrum is a fiber internet so the speeds are as advertised and very high. So, whether you are a sports fan or a dedicated university student, you are never left behind.

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3. EarthLink

EarthLink came to being in 1994 as mainly a US internet service provider. It offers high-speed internet for both residential and business uses. EarthLink started off as a dial-up internet provider but has shifted to service type with the changing of the world systems. Today, EarthLink supplies internet to thousands of people across the States and is both, a DSL as well as a fiber.

EarthLink has the largest DSL network in the United States and boasts decent speeds with it. The service is available to over 174 million people across 30 states, not a small feat considering EarthLink’s humble beginnings. EarthLink Fiber is available to about 25 million people making it one of the top five fiber broadband providers in the industry. EarthLink often partners up with other brands in the telecom industry to extend services to more and more people.

EarthLink Internet Features

EarthLink internet has some great features that make it a wise choice to get where available. These features are as follows;

  • Multiple speed tiers to choose from
  • 30-day free trial before you get into contracts
  • Unlimited data allowance and no annoying data caps
  • Easy year-long contracts that keep your monthly fee steady
  • Self-installation is allowed and can help you save a few bucks
  • Easy rentals for internet modem/router and you can also get your own device with DSL plans
  • Automatic online backup for all your data

EarthLink Internet pricing plans

EarthLink is transparent when it comes to pricing so you do not have to pay any hidden charges, fees, or taxes. Everything will be explained to you when you sign up. EarthLink is available in multiple speed tiers and pricing options so you can check which plan best suits your budget. The pricing plans that come with EarthLink fiber are given below.

EarthLink Internet PlanMax Download SpeedPricing
HyperLink 5050 Mbps$49.95/month
HyperLink 100100 Mbps$79.95/month
HyperLink 200200 Mbps$89.95/month
HyperLink 10001000 Mbps$99.95/month

If you do not want to get a fiber plan because your speed needs are low, you don’t have to pay more. You can always choose a lower speed tier according to your needs and pay for only that. EarthLink has wide coverage in Arlington and takes care of all your internet needs in one place!

4. Frontier

Frontier is a fairly large internet provider in the States. Initially serving only rural and suburban communities, Frontier Communications have upped their game by spreading out into metropolises too. Frontier has a coverage of over 90% in Arlington, Texas. Which makes it a big contender out there. Frontier offers DSL in rural areas but for most large cities, Frontier has turned into one of the fiber internet providers. Frontier has many nice, catchy points that make it quite a choice to consider.

Frontier Internet Features

Frontier Internet has quite a few basic features that are the source of contentment to thousands of Americans across the States. The features are as follows,

  • Unlimited data and no data caps
  • Free internet security tools to keep you safe online
  • A fully optimized and modern Wi-Fi router, free of cost with your internet plan
  • No contracts or annual commitments. Cancel anytime with zero repercussions
  • Free activation and multiple device security with fiber plans

Frontier Internet pricing plans

Frontier pricing is rather straightforward so you are never duped into paying extra. For basic internet plans at multiple speeds, pricing starts at as low as $50.99/month. You can also choose a lower-speed tier plan that fits your budget.

Frontier pricing for fiber plans is quite simple too. Frontier Fiber 500 plan comes with an upload and download speed of 500 Mbps both ways, a free activation plus a Wi-Fi router, free device security, and more. All for as little as $49.99/month with autopay for the first year with no price hikes.

Frontier Fiber Gig Service comes with a unique Wi-Fi network, free activation, unlimited data, and free device security. The pricing starts at $74.99/month with autopay for the first 12 months with no price hikes.

Frontier is a big contender here, especially due to the wide coverage it holds in the Dallas-Fort worth-Arlington metroplex. It has loads to offer and should be given careful consideration for it can be a game-changer for you.

5. HughesNet

HughesNet is not your typical cable or fiber internet connection. However, it does have almost full coverage in Arlington, even in the rural and far-off places where cable and fiber cannot reach. The service type provided by HughesNet is mainly a Gen 5 Satellite network so you always get internet no matter where you are. HughesNet has lower speeds than cable or fiber but is widely available so it does get full marks for availability.

HughesNet Features

HughesNet has some popular features which make it quite a choice for people in the suburbs. These features are;

  • Unlimited data (soft data caps) with no overage charges
  • Fast satellite internet speeds
  • Satellite modem with a built-in Wi-Fi
  • Internet security and safe online browsing and transactions
  • Far and wide coverage
  • 50GB/month of Bonus Data at off-peak hours (2 AM – 8 AM)

HughesNet may not be one of the fiber internet providers but it manages to stand out due to its impeccable services and good speeds. Especially in regions that do not have access to cable or fiber, HughesNet reigns the market.

HughesNet pricing model

The pricing model for HughesNet is slightly different in comparison to other internet providers. The speeds for all plans are fixed at 25 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for upload speeds. The pricing varies between the amount of data allowance you consider buying. Remember, HughesNet does not have hard data caps so, even if you go over your limit, you can continue use at reduced speeds. This dainty feature makes HughesNet a certain choice!

Arlington is a big city but for the most part, the pricing chart given below is valid.

Monthly data AllowancePricing
15 GB$64.99/month
30 GB$74.99/month
45 GB$109.99/month
75 GB$159.99/month

HughesNet has an ongoing promotion until the end of March 2022. If you purchase their services during this time, you can save 20 USD per data plan for the next six months. You will also qualify for a free installation. However, please take note that both these promotions are for a limited time only so you will have to make a quick decision!

HughesNet takes the cake for admirable internet service in far-off rural areas and the suburbs. Too long the people in these areas have been deprived of good internet sources. HughesNet solves this problem, it is dependable and has good speeds. Plus you get bonus data for off-peak hour use. It doesn’t get any better than that after all!

Conclusion: On the yellow brick road to good internet

Arlington is one of the biggest cities in the state of Texas and there limitless in terms of growth and development. Such a fast-paced city with loads to do, learn, and share needs great internet services that supports those dreams. Arlington has multiple internet service providers with varying coverage throughout the city. All these service providers are trying to sell something unique – which stands out in a crowd and is amenable to the general public.

High-speed internet is more of a need than a want in the world today. Earth has turned into a global village with everything at your fingertips. From shopping to learning, crafting, and writing to teaching and business – the entire world has gone online. And with the millennial and Gen Z culture sharing everything online, the footprint only keeps increasing. The quest for good internet is never-ending and so the market continues to give.

Arlington, Texas has multiple internet providers that grace its boundaries. Whether it is AT&T, Spectrum, Frontier, or EarthLink, Arlington has sure, steady, and uninterrupted access to fiber internet at all times. HughesNet takes things up a notch, covering areas that were not initially connected to the internet. All these internet providers have something to offer and we can see it. No, scratch that. We love it!

Let’s take a step back and appreciate all that we have been blessed it.

After all, what is the internet if not a blessing?

Won’t you agree?

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