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Managing Mobility In Companies

Political interventions such as the end of combustion engines, subsidy chaos, and pointless revisions of the environmental bonus on the one hand, but necessary changes and control of the entire mobility for which companies are responsible on the other make it clear: mobility in companies must be put to the test – and now. Operational employee mobility is a crucial driver if we want to achieve the mobility turnaround that is urgently needed. Companies can play a pioneering role here. Operational mobility should also be rethought from a strategic point of view. And it is wise to focus on the employees. Operational mobility is subject to constant change.

To approach the complex topic correctly and not only creatively but, above all, not losing sight of the big picture, the Federal Association of Business Mobility e. V. (BBM) brought the national conference for operational mobility into being. Companies must act and focus on operational employee mobility. And not just to prepare for the end of combustion engines or to switch to electric vehicles before it’s too late. The sustainable orientation is also relevant for the employer’s brand and is particularly important in times of a shortage of skilled workers. As the largest trade association for operational employee mobility, the BBM invites you to the first national conference for functional mobility. The most critical aspects of active mobility will be addressed during the meeting.

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It is about designing economically and ecologically sustainable corporate mobility in every form. The conference makes a valuable contribution to operational practice to better master the topic of mobility in the future. The conference is intended to draw attention to the importance of all operational mobility and finally awaken politics. She has long misjudged the relevance of companies in the urgently needed mobility turnaround. This is reflected above all in the innovations in electric car subsidies. From September 2023, companies should no longer receive funding. A fatal mistake. With the conference, the association wants to draw attention to the need for companies during the mobility transition.

Together For Sustainable Mobility In Companies

On September 8th and 9th in Hanover, everything revolves around the management of mobility and operational employee mobility. The association offers lectures and exciting cooperation partners to cover a broad spectrum. In companies, only fleet management is often considered. In some cases, the view is extended to include mobility management. But parts of operational employee mobility are often neglected. An absurdity: Questions like “How do the employees get to work? What mobility options does the company have?

How can new measures be established?” are central to the urgently needed mobility turnaround. Operational mobility must cover a wide range of topics. Everything has to be considered, from the correct type of drive to digitalization and commuter mobility to the proper establishment of change management. Fleet and mobility managers are often faced with the problem of correct implementation. For this reason, the national conference for operational mobility is dedicated to all topics related to functional employee mobility. It provides theoretical input and concrete help with tips and tricks for practical implementation in the company.

Highlights Of The Conference

In addition to digitization in fleet management and sustainability, the focus will be on tax and labor law issues relating to mobility. The participants can look forward to top-class speakers. Among other things, there are lectures on mobility budgets, CO2 footprint, and travel management. It is also about fleet transformation, micro-mobility, light vehicles, and cross-company car sharing.

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