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New Video Format For Pinterest: Idea Pins Arrive

Suppose the intrinsic narrative power of videos allows you to reach the public with creative and interactive pins from today. In that case, the business account owners will have the opportunity to engage their audience on Pinterest, thanks to Idea Pins. The new format was born as an evolution of the Story Pins, and based on the beta tests carried out before the launch, it turns out to be more engaging and offers greater possibilities for interaction. A novelty launched by Pinterest is part of a broader context of initiatives implemented by the platform. It focuses on the creativity of creators regulated by the Creator Code and the community’s involvement with positive and inclusive content.

What Are Idea Pins?

Idea Pins are a new format made by Pinterest for business account holders. As they are still in the launch phase, they are not available for all company accounts, but you can request their use by filling out the form for Idea Pins. The application review process can take a few days, and factors such as previously posted content, geographic location, and account type affect the granting of access to the service.

Once the Creators Code has been activated and accepted, creators have a new type of content available: a multipage Pin available only in an organic format that can be customized with videos, images, lists and texts. Creators who decide to use Idea Pins in their communication strategy have access to several new functions, such as:

  • Voice over recording to make users hear their voices
  • Use of interactive elements such as people tags and stickers
  • Export of content even outside of Pinterest
  • Possibility of video editing
  • Detail pages with instructions or ingredients

As for their use, they are beneficial for creating guides that show the various steps, publishing short videos with text overlay, presenting product collections and improving your targeting thanks to topic tags.

How Do You Create An Idea Pin?

The procedure for creating an Idea Pin is very intuitive. By clicking on the “Create” button, you can create your Pin Idea, customize the background, adjust its size, and add text. Before publishing each Pin Idea, it is necessary to indicate the title, the public bulletin board in which it will be inserted, the topic tags through which it will be searched and the authorization for comments. The published Idea Pins can be modified using the “Edit Pin” button available in the menu to the right of the pin. Of this, it is possible to change the board or the section in which it will be displayed at any time and the permissions to the comments. Also, from this menu, it is possible to delete the pin.

Creative Dimensions And Specifications Of Idea Pins

As with the size of social images, Pinterest also has a series of parameters and specifications that, if respected, allow you to reach the communication objectives you have set yourself more effectively. For example, Idea Pins have an aspect ratio of 9:16, and the recommended resolution for video and images is 1080 × 1920 pixels. . This type of content can be published from mobile and desktop devices.

The maximum recommended size for files uploaded from Android and iOS is 1 GB, while for videos uploaded from the web, it is 20 MB for images and 100 MB. for videos. The formats accepted for publishing images are .BMP, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF, .WEBP. The formats accepted for publishing videos are .MP4. MOV. M4V and their duration must be between 1 and 60 seconds. Pinterest’s goal of creating a platform to find inspiration is enriched with the Pin Idea of ​​a new tool that allows creators to express themselves at their best. For users, however, it is confirmed as a place to find interesting content and ideas that reflect their tastes and interests.

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