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Online Ludo’s Craze Is Rising Exponentially. Read On To Find Out Why

The sudden arrival of the pandemic in early 2020 caught many people unaware. One would say it was pretty much a bolt from the blue. Caution demanded preventive measures to halt the spread of the virus. With the whole world in lockdown mode and commercial activity at a virtual standstill, many people had plenty of time on their hands and little to do.

Enter an ancient pass time to the rescue. Yes, we are talking about board games – specifically one which has always had a captive audience. That game is Ludo!

Apart from Ludo, the lockdown period saw a revival of interest in the online version of classic board games that many grew up playing. Some of these games are Snakes and Ladder, Chess, Scrabble, and UNO,

Ludo is a homegrown strategy game on a cross-and-circle layout in red, blue, green, and yellow colors. In this game, 2-4 players circuit the board from start to finish with the roll of a die.

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What Makes Ludo Fun To Play?

Ludo can easily be classified as one of the most accessible board games ever. Nostalgic enthusiasts can play the old-fashioned way with the physical board, or if they choose to, they can also play Ludo online on their smartphones. The reflective aspect of Ludo helps bring together family members across generations.

The availability of Ludo online works in its favor as it enhances the board games accessibility. Its enduring popularity means that there are plenty of options for those looking to take the Ludo experience online.

Fans of the game can indulge in a game of Ludo anywhere and at any time. All that is needed is a stable internet connection to guarantee hours of fun. Thanks to its popularity, many people flock to the game when looking to pair fun and companionship with friends and family no matter where they are.

In fact, an article in Business Today reported that as of May 2022, India accounted for nearly 20% of global game downloads.

The primary reason why people are making a beeline for Ludo is that it is simple to understand and straightforward to play. Another reason for the popularity of Ludo is that people can pocket some Ludo online money should luck favor them. The main objective of Ludo is for the players to get all four of their tokens to their respective home bases before their opponents to ensure victory.

Every individual has a competitive streak, mainly when playing games. Ludo encourages friendly competition, and with everyone trying their utmost to win, when victory arrives, it gives an incredible feeling of satisfaction to the winner.

As people love to feel the rush of winning, more people flock to competitive games such as Ludo. The internet’s widespread availability and low data cost also entices people to play Ludo online.

Playing Ludo online allows individuals to socialize with other in-game players and indulge in some friendly banter. The opportunity to have some light-hearted conversations makes the game all the more enjoyable, which is why more people are turning to Ludo online for their dose of entertainment.

Despite being a mobile game, the game’s user interface and graphics are a sight to behold. The beautiful visuals play an essential part in encouraging people to fire up Ludo on their phones.

The amusing animations and bright, vivid colors players can enjoy while playing Ludo online are entertaining and aesthetically pleasing.

As a game, Ludo stretches individuals’ reasoning and planning capabilities, and this indirectly helps develop cognitive skills. While playing Ludo, players must simultaneously plan the attack and the defense strategies.

This level of multitasking, in turn, enhances critical thinking capability along with logical and spatial reasoning capabilities. Thus, apart from the entertainment value of playing Ludo, there are also some fantastic benefits associated with the game.

Ludo As A Means To Unwind:

Ludo has proven to be a great stress buster for everyone confined at home during the lockdown phase. Playing Ludo aided people in coping with the stress and anxiety they were experiencing then. Distracting themselves by playing the game online helps divert their mind from all the stress and the mental strain.

Playing old favorites such as Ludo is more than about the game itself. It has more to do with the happy memories we associate with it. The hectic schedules of life had placed the idea of playing these games on the back burner. Somewhere along the emotional roller coaster that we experienced of our lives being uprooted, we went from expressing boredom to relishing board games and re-discovering the simple pleasures of playing these games once again.

Since Ludo originated in the Indian subcontinent, it is only natural that it sees a large fan following among its population. Indians have a solid and unexplainable bond with Ludo that connects generations and is more than a game – it is an emotion.

Final Thoughts:

As a game, the popularity of Ludo is unparalleled, and it needs no introduction, particularly in the South Asian region, where the traditional offline version has been played for centuries. Such is the popularity of this unassuming game.

The familiarity and ease of play, coupled with fond memories associated with Ludo, have made it one of the most popular go-to games on the internet during the lockdown period. The love for this humble game has sustained itself even as the world exits the restrictions brought upon by the pandemic.

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