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React Native: The Ideal Framework For Mobile Development

React Native has been a popular topic in the mobile development world for the past years. How could it not? React Native offers a solution to develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android at the same time.

People have ideas and want to start businesses but do not know where to start. An app might be the first step to reaching your target audience.

What is React Native?

It is an open-source mobile development framework created by Facebook. Thanks to JavaScript, React Native produces cross-platform apps with native capabilities – Hence the name. Its rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android use one single codebase.

As a result, many developers prefer working on React Native. Almost 60% of developers and engineers state they prefer it over other platforms and frameworks.

The ideal framework for mobile development

Mobile apps have become an incredibly profitable income source. Virtually everyone owns a smartphone these days, whether it runs on iOS or Android. The worldwide annual downloads are estimated to increase to 300 billion in 2023, providing exponential growth for businesses that develop and launch mobile apps.

Thus, React Native development services helps you or your company create an app for smartphones that reaches twice as many potential customers.


Among the advantages, one can find that:

  1. The code is reusable: Developers do not need to create two different codes for Android and iOS. Instead, they can reuse up to 90% of their work, increasing speed and efficiency.
  2. There is a Live reload: This feature allows employees to work and see changes in real-time. This type of agile methodology boosts results and saves time.
  3. It is cost-effective: Since the code is reusable, you save time and development costs. Some companies report saving up to 40% of their budget.
  4. There are third-party plugins: React Native offers third-party plugins to eradicate the need for web view functions.
  5. A similar design in each platform: It improves customer experience overall.

Apps built with React Native

Facebook, Instagram, and Uber Eats are companies that need a functional mobile app both in iOS and Android. Since React Native was created by Facebook, which owns Instagram, it is no surprise the two giants use this framework to develop and maintain their services.

React Native App Development Services

As the need for professional developers grows, companies like Moravio emerge to provide solutions. Moravio is a development company that employs React Native developers from around the globe and then matches them with the ideal employers.

Each worker and developer is different. Motivations, goals, and language or framework specialties are a few examples of what comes into play when hiring the right person for a project. Businesses with in-house developers can also benefit from these remote workers for support and collaborative design.

Final Words on React Native

A framework that simultaneously allows the creation of an app for Android and iOS is a game-changer, and React Native has proven to be a success over the past years. React Native development services are perfect for companies that have a great idea in mind but do not know where to start.

Share your idea with professionals and watch it become real.

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