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Roulette Wheel And Its Technology – How Is Everything Arranged?

Roulette is without a doubt one of the most popular online casino games. The game has roots back in the 18th century and since then we have seen numerous variations of this table game. However all types of roulette including French, European and American do not really differ from each other.

What is the technology behind a roulette wheel? How you can play roulette in live casinos? In the following article we will have a look at this topic.

Roulette Table

Since its creation, roulette has turned into one of the most addictive table games in online gambling. No wonder, because players want to test their intuition and at the same time earn more money. Unlike other table games, roulette is a game of luck, where you cannot really impact the outcome.

Before we move to the main characteristics behind the technology of the wheel, it is necessary to mention the roulette table itself – a complex device that is designed for the sole purpose of launching a fast-paced game.

The creation of roulette is frequently credited to Blaise Pascal. The very concept of “roulette” – is based on the word roué – wheel. The whole massive structure is based around a rotating wheel – a high-precision mechanism, produced with the latest technology and the best, optimally selected materials.

It does not really matter what type of roulette you are playing: Lightning, Instant, French, Double Ball Roulette, European, American or live roulette – the table is an important part of every variation of the game.

What is a roulette table made of?

In the European (French) version, the wheel is located in the center, the playing fields are spaced apart at the edges.

The table for American roulette is asymmetric – the playing field is the only one located at the end of a long tabletop, the roulette wheel is shifted to the edge.


If you count, you can find that there are 37 pockets on the rotor. Each cell is separated from the other by metal partitions. Thanks to them, no one will doubt what exactly the number and color played.

Black and red alternate. Each color compartment has its own number – symbols are applied with white paint. The layman may think that the numbers are in random order – this is an erroneous opinion. Numbers obey a strict order, which is based on the mathematical algorithm of Blaise Pascal, a French scientist who lived four hundred years ago.

Designers like to modify pockets. The very first ones were very deep, but gradually they became smaller, and modern wheels are equipped with a low-profile design. Now the priority is separate pockets, in which the outer part has no partitions, only the color and number, and the inner one is the hole itself.


The ball weighs only a few grams and has a diameter of about two centimeters. Earlier, ivory was used to make the ball. During the years of the invention of roulette, this material was one of the most valuable – it perfectly suited the luxurious and elegant surroundings of the casino. Nowadays, plastic balls are often used, natural material is no longer held. The reason for this is not only a moral component but also the fact that plastic products do less harm to the roulette wheel and have a more unpredictable course.

Cutting-Edge Technology in Online Casinos

As we have mainly talked about roulette technology, which you will see in land-based casinos, it is necessary to mention roulette online and how everything operates. Here are some of the details that you need to know.


It is perhaps the most important aspect of any online casino game and especially roulette. OCR makes sure that any action taken by the dealer is processed into characters. At the same time in special gambling halls, that are used in live casinos, you can see several cameras that makes players see the table.


RNG is also one of the key concepts in online casino games. A random number generator is a system that is responsible for creating winning combinations. In such a way players can make sure that the games are not rigged and every result is completely random.

In crypto casinos, that allow you to play roulette for Bitcoin you will also see provably fair. The sign can be seen, which means that you can check the results on a separate website. Crypto gambling allows a safer environment and fair play for roulette lovers.

Live Chat

In live roulette, players will also be able to discover a live chat, which is a way to contact a live dealer directly. You are playing with live people and it is always possible to communicate with them, however, you should not use offensive language.


Like OCR, GCU is also the heart of live dealer games. This is a device that encodes the broadcast on your laptop or mobile phone. With this feature, it is also possible to stream games in real-time.

In general, live casinos make sure that the technology they can provide players with the best possible experience. Because of that, the technology of roulette ensures the maximum fair play for every customer.

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