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SAP Training As A Career Springboard? Data And Facts At A Glance

More and more companies are incorporating SAP programs into their day-to-day work. That is why managers of corporations attach great importance to their employees being well versed in using the program. At the same time, SAP certification helps build a prosperous professional career.

An Essential Step For Your Professional Career

Comprehensive and professionally conducted SAP training from providers such as was training is essential for securing a better career position in the long term. Experience has shown that many participants in such courses receive significantly higher annual salaries in the high five-digit range within five years of obtaining certification. On average, participants in further training succeed in establishing themselves at a professional level in a job with an annual salary of 45,000 to 75,000 euros. As in many other areas, it also applies to digitization that comprehensive training is an essential step for a prosperous professional career.

Differences Between SAP Consultants And SAP Users

Further training in SAP is possible for users and consultants of this system. Both options for additional training differ marginally from each other. Users are trained to use the software professionally, so they can use the program regularly and know all the essential applications. Further training courses are sometimes specialized in different areas – for example, in controlling, production, sales or logistics sectors. Depending on the respective disciplines, other modules are taught that can be individually combined. As a result, further training is aimed separately at the individual specialist areas.

Software Adapted For The Corporate Sector

The task of SAP consultants, on the other hand, is to adapt the software to the respective business issue. Experienced SAP consultants have the necessary expertise to implement and support the systems in the individual company. Experts are trained for in-house business, shipping, materials management, and human resources.

Things To Know About The Exam

There is no question that further training to become an SAP expert improves your career opportunities. An essential requirement, however, is to pass the exam that follows the course. But the exams are tough. The more practice the course participants have in dealing with the software, the more confidently they can take the exam. If the first test attempt still fails, nothing stands in the way of repeating the tests.

It is problematic that the exam questions are complicated and only easy to understand after reading them several times. Under time pressure and exam-induced stress, answering all exam questions correctly and in the required time is even more complicated. Nevertheless, good training institutes save no effort in intensively preparing all prospective examiners for the tests. If it is necessary to repeat the exam, the providers usually offer to duplicate it free of charge. In most cases, the training institute will bear the costs.

Good Exam Rates

In particular, exams for SAP users are characterized by a reasonable exam rate. After the tests, more than 99 percent can call the corresponding certification their own. Nevertheless, well-trained course leaders and lecturers must conduct the courses. The success rate for a successful SAP consultant degree is still relatively high at 94 percent. In general, the chances of success increase for those course participants who have already been able to gain initial practical experience in using the software in advance.

SAP Specializations For Different Areas

Regarding content, the further training measures deal with the question of how business processes are mapped using the software or how registrations and deregistrations in the SAP system are carried out. Depending on the profession, course participants deepen their knowledge of optimizing internal financial controls, depicting organizational structures, or setting up and maintaining cost centers. Other subject areas focus on financial accounting, materials management, purchasing, procurement, or HR processes. The software covers a wide range of topics, which the training courses deal with individually.

Who Is The Training Suitable For?

The SAP training is a good choice for job seekers with or without professional qualifications. In addition, qualification as an SAP consultant or SAP user is also an exciting option for people who are striving for a successful career, people undergoing rehabilitation who are looking for a new career path, lateral entrants, or specialists with foreign qualifications.

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