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Send & Receive Faxes Online from Gmail ( Step-By-Step Guideline)

Many prominent ways of business communication have emerged over time. Even with the introduction of newer and better ways, Fax still continues to be a very prominent alternative of business communication by virtue of its safety.

The only plausible issue that faxes face is the evident lack of portability. The need of a reliable communication like fax and the portability issues brought forward the requirement of a compact fax solution.

This is where flexibility in sending faxes came forward as a plausible solution. Did you know that sending fax through your gmail account is possible? It is not only possible but immensely easy to do so with the right platform.

If you are now pondering over how to send a fax via gmail, this article will give you the clarity you seek. For starters, it must be known that gmail and fax belong to different operational platforms.

As it turns out, gmail belongs to a digital platform and fax operates on an analogue telephonically signalled platform. Two devices and formats working on different platforms can’t communicate with each other, unless they have a translating device.

Online Fax Services

Online fax services act as a translator between the digital and telephonic signal of the email and the fax respectively. The mere reason that people prefer fax is for the additional features of security and reliability, no basic translating app can be trusted with the translation.

This is where CocoFax emerged as a major translating player in sending emails to fax directly. Many organizations use it for the ease of functionality and added security in business communication.

CocoFax- A One-Stop Faxing Solution

CocoFax is an online fax service provider that boasts of patronage of many businesses worldwide. It is like a fax genie that can convert any given device into a fax compatible device.

So if you have been wondering if your computer, mobile or laptop can’t send over a fax, CocoFax is the online fax provider you were missing all this time.

Step-By-Step Procedure Of Receiving And Sending Faxes Online From Gmail

With CocoFax, all your fax worries will be out of the window. To know the step-by-step procedure of using Cocofax, a few prerequisites need to be in place to be able to engage in sending and receiving faxes online from gmail.

The prerequisites are having a gmail account, a stable internet connection, CocoFax account, and a fax number. Cocofax can get a free fax number for you. When these prerequisites are in place, we can engage in sending and receiving of fax through gmail.

procedure of receiving and sending faxes online from Gmail-min

Below are the stepwise procedures to do so:

Step 1: Signing up for CocoFax

You can sign up for the faxing master, Cocofax. It also offers a 30 days free trial plan on signing up. Signing up on CocoFax will also offer you the liberty of choosing the fax number of your choice.

The process of registration of email that would be used for sending and receiving the faxes is an imperative step.

Step 2: Gmail Process

Once the registration is so completed, you need to open the gmail app or web browser. Thereunder, go ahead with the option of choosing a new email. When clicked, a new email pop up shall appear.

Step 3: Composition of document

Now, in order to compose a fax document, you need to ensure the below mentioned procedural set up:

In the recipient’s email section, specify the recipient’s country code and the fax number. This country code and fax number must be followed by @cocofax.net. This gives the fax number, a digital identity by virtue of CocoFax.

Composition of document

What however is optional in this case is the ‘Subject’ section and the body of the email. Any subject that is entered into this will be incorporated as a note on top of the faxed document. On the same lines, the body of the email would be seen as a cover page by the recipient.

It can be misconstrued that the body of the email must contain the faxed document. But that is not the case. The document that needs to be faxed must be attached to the email. Just click on the ‘Attach’ icon and add the document to it.

The faxable attachments for CocoFax are doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files. All these files are compatible to fax. If the document is in the above stated format, it will definitely be received by the recipient’s fax machine.

Step 4: Cross Check

It is important to double check and cross verify the information that is inputted. Once confirmed about the genuinity of the email, attachment and other vital details, you can safely hit ‘Send’ from your gmail.

Thereafter, CocoFax will act as a transporting platform that will receive the document and then dial the receiver’s fax machine with attached document. On successful deliverance of the fax, the user will get a confirmatory email into the gmail account.

That is it! The process is immensely simple and you practically need to take bare minimum measures to ensure sending of a fax document.

This was about sending the fax. When it comes to receiving a fax, the process is much more simple. When you register your email with CocoFax (remember Step 1?), it will automatically forward all the faxes received on the email address.

CocoFax- A one-stop Faxing solution

Any fax received on the email shall appear in our inbox. The faxed document will appear in a pdf format.


In terms of business, faxes are a very secure way of communication and will never be ruled out. To commensurate your business with other businesses, departments and partners, you can have CocoFax to add additional functional bliss to your official communication.

This article would have compulsorily answered all relevant queries about how to send a fax via gmail. The process is so simple, it is almost like sending out an email. All you need is a CocoFax in place and all your business communication woes will be sorted.

When it comes to CocoFax, it offers additional performing leverage to a business. Being a business with an all inclusive and all device compatible feature is amazing. CocoFax just offers this additional advantage to be compatible with all sorts of devices.

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