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Software And Automation To Optimize The Activity Of Accountants And Firms

Specialized management software dedicated to accountants. Running after the obligations, managing customers, collecting documentation, and informing yourself about new regulations are among the main problems accountants and firms face daily. Sure there are quieter periods, like those after the main deadlines, but generally, each month has its share of activities to be done. Indeed even the employees in this sector are looking for solutions that can simplify life, allowing them to manage the working day better, consequently optimizing costs, work, and time to be dedicated to more profitable activities or the family. More time, more savings, and more peace of mind: optimal conditions for having an efficient studio, a goal that can be achieved above all with the help of IT and management tools.

How To Optimize Activities Thanks To Automation With Management Software

We now focus on this aspect. Many activities can be optimized thanks to automation with specialized management software dedicated to accountants. Let’s see some of them:

Communication And Collaboration With Customers

The firm must be able to receive the documents issued by the customer (invoices, payments …) in a simple and fast way, possibly with an automated system connected to the company’s billing software, avoiding the manual delivery of paper documents, collection by sending e-mails or worse by messaging systems such as WhatsApp. In some cases, the staff of client companies can follow some accounting-related activities, in which case they must be able to access shared areas safely and with dedicated permissions.

Sending Declarations To State Bodies

Avoid using unintuitive and cumbersome ministerial software, such as the telematic desktop application or the portals of the revenue agency. All operations, such as the creation of the telematic system, the control, the authentication, and the sending and receiving of the results/receipts, must be fast and perfectly integrated with the management of the study.

Retrieving Client Information

Frequently, the professional needs to retrieve the tax information of his clients. The standard procedure is to access the AdE website to consult proxies, tax returns, payments, cadastral records, and other data and then report them in your management system. Continuously exiting and re-entering the software by manually entering data increases errors and lengthens the process. Direct integration of the software with customer management systems is also essential here.

Repetition Of Operations And Automation

Indeed a recurring nightmare is having to repeat the same operations several times or enter data several times within a software. Accounting, budgeting, and tax must communicate automatically and in real-time. For example, the registrations entered in accounting must fill in the budget, income, and F24, without the need for imports/exports between one management and another. The software must work for the professional and not vice versa.

Regulatory Updates

Let’s imagine we are close to the deadline for new compliance. The worst thing is not having enough time to understand the news and work correctly. Here, software houses must be able to release new features promptly and provide training support. Software that is not quickly updated only puts a spanner in the works of the professional—an aspect not to be underestimated.

Cost Optimization

A firm, like all activities, has costs of different natures and typologies, and each professional carries out specific activities dictated by their skills and the characteristics of the clients they follow. Among the prices, there are also those to buy the management software of the studio. The advice is to select solutions that allow you to customize the package of applications according to specific needs and the number of customers managed. In general, using agents/intermediaries by software houses also contributes to raising prices. Choosing companies that offer a direct relationship with the customer may be helpful.

The assistance service must possibly also be included in the price and managed internally. This document is not intended to be exhaustive. Still, with the optimization of the points indicated above, it is possible to improve the firm’s management, thus managing to manage customers effectively and retain them over time. As we have seen, choosing the right software is not a trivial matter. In the market, there are various solutions, such as the one offered by GB software, specializing in the development of management systems for accountants, tax consultants, CED, CAF, statutory auditors, and labor consultants. Therefore, we invite you to devote the right time to research and make careful evaluations.

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